It is in the list (PROTOTYPE-KEES)?

Kees :wink:

Nah…Not the wiring, the display itself. Fernando will provide it with an update.
And I will work on a Prototype-4 based Waveshare32 wiring next week. Yours is Pre-Prototype-4.

Ah, ok, this means you are going to physicaly swap wires?

Sorry - really just read about tuning jack parameters for USB 5 minutes before… :blush:

I recognized something else the last days but had no time to investigate this.

Maybe this happens when the pedalboard was written with another type of audio-card. I think a diff between the installed one and a fixed version should give a hint where the problem is. I hope I can do this at weekend… not much time :frowning:

Regards, Holger

I really love you, man :heart_eyes:


Does this tool suggest the audio card based on the ones that were located in the system?

If not, I’ve implemented a simple code that lists the audio cards. It uses the pyaudio library.

Unfortunately I do not have audio cards like HiFiBerry, so I do not know how it will behave in these cases.
I was only able to test with USB audio interfaces

Hi @SrMouraSilva!

Thanks a lot for the info, but it’s not very suitable for Zynthian. The pyaudio library doesn’t detect the hardware itself. It query the ALSA subsystem, so you need your soundcard correctly configured, with the right kernel driver loaded and working. In RBPi platform, this only can be achieved for USB soundcards. I2S cards can not be easily detected. There is no plug&play features in this kind of buses (I2S, I2C, SPI)


I Updated the libraries and Dexed seems fixed? Tnx!

Hmmmm… I have nothing fixed - I am not responsible for this! :smile:


I fixed some pedalboards a few weeks ago … :blush:

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Hi @jofemodo !

I can report:

Sound Card: HiFiBerry DAC+
Display: Waveshare 7 "HDMI Screen +USB Touch

Is working :heart_eyes:

This is geat - thank you for this update!

As a suggestion: Maybe a hyperlink to modgui might be a nice to have.

I can report:

Sound Card: HiFiBerry DAC+
Display: Waveshare 5 "HDMI Screen +USB Touch
Wiring dummies.

now my question for the Midi via the gpio expander is there any settings in wiring need to be set?

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Thanks for the answer. The information will be useful in my project.

I financed PiSound. I will continue my testing, and if I can (in any other way) detect it, I will contact you again.

Congratulations on the project!

Nothing to configure. It should work out the box.

Just got back from being on tour and will hook up the board later in the week.
Your new web configuration worked great. for the 5 inch screen set font size to 20. Since I am setting it up without controllers would be nice to have a documentation know on each screen where I touch and for how long does what. I am getting a little lost.

Yes, there is not good documentation about Zynthian GUI, only a outdated workflow diagram that doesn’t include the touch interface:

Zynthian Users Guide - ZynthianWiki

It’s a priority to improve this and i will do in the next weeks. Meanwhile, you could try to extract some info from this posts:

Software Updates - Zynthian Discourse

Kind Regards!

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