[SOLVED] Plenty of notes missing but only with midi software [SOLVED]

I take advantage of the confinement to return to music and therefore use touching my zynthian that I had abandoned since its acquisition. :frowning:

I explain my problem:

Notes are missing when I replay a midi track from my DAW cakewalk.
There are plenty of notes missing! Only one note is played every 1 or 2 seconds. Some midi notes OFF are missing!

  • I have the same problem when playing a midi track with another midiplayer on the zynthian.

  • I have no problem when I play my zynthian from a USB keyboard or a MIDI keyboard.

  • I have no problem when I play a midi track with Cakewalk DAW (or another midiplayer) on anothers physicals expendeurs (and the same midi cable)

  • I tested midi parameters on the zynthian interface

I have a V2 kit and my sound card is a Roland UA-25EX
I tested it with the old image (gorgona) and the new one: the problem is the same.

It’s very strange.
I did tests and trials for several hours (and days) without finding anything.
so I submit my problem to your expertise
Has anyone had a similar problem? and how was it resolved?

Hi @stef_the_sims!

Did you try ti enable the “Limit USB speed to 12Mb/s” in the Hardware->Audio settings on the webconf tool?

I think this has been several times:


Hi @jofemodo
Many thanks to try to help me.

Yes, the problem is the same when the “Limit USB speed to 12Mb/s” is on or off.

I saw the mentioned topic. Mine seems to be different.
I don’t have many notes on my score. :slight_smile:
Only one track and only little arpeges with one note every 0.5 sec
i don’t think i will reach the “Limit USB speed to 12Mb/s”.


What do you see in midi log?

I tried this page “http://zynthian.local/ui-midi-log” but I don’t understand how does it work.
On the “https://wiki.zynthian.org/index.php/Configuration_Users_Guide#MIDI_Log” pasge I see that logs shoud be on this page. But I don’t see nothing on mine
event we I’m playaing on my usb mpkmini2 that is in the list of the midi logs.

But perhaps tehre is something I have to select somewhere before …

Also show us the home page so we can see what versions you are running . . .

On the “https://wiki.zynthian.org/index.php/Configuration_Users_Guide#MIDI_Log” page I see that logs shoud be on this page. But I don’t see nothing on mine
my usb mpkmini2 that is in the list of the midi logs.
But nothing

But perhaps there is something I have to select somewhere before …

No the drop down simply allows you to sample the MIDI data stream at all kinds of places within the zynthian, if you play some MIDI into the zynth does it appear in the log…?

That is I wanted to say.
For example
I play on my usb mpkmini2. I hear sound of the zynthian, but I don’t see any message in the midi_log page.

That is peculiar, The zynthian I am showing is zynthian-ceed and it has a USB Behringer Motor 61 plugged in and as you can see when I play notes they appear in the log and I can see the Blue M in the status bar being displayed…?

Yes, I see the Blue M in the status bar.

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Actually for completeneses sake any chance of some photos of the zynth inside and out? I know inside is a bit of a pain but you say you have changed your build, have you changes your SD card?

You say you do get some notes from your DAW’s can you show the setup pages from those applications as that will give us some context which is often at the root of problems. :smiley:

Ok …can we look in MIDI setup…?

Your build date shows ???. You don’t use the latest image. Updating to the latest is not the same

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to be sure I do it 2 times the 2 last days
in this website : https://wiki.zynthian.org/index.php/Zynthian_Software
But perhaps I was on on the wrong place.

Yes, wrong one. Wiki is mentioning it under nightly builds:


I’m sorry. I don’t understand.
what is the good one I have to take ?

Is it : https://os.zynthian.org/2020-04-10-zynthianos-buster-lite-1.0.0.zip ?

Yes, try that.