Soundmit 2020 Virtual Edition

Hi @jofemodo the new virtual edition of Soundmit it could be a good opportunity to introduce Zynthian to those who have not yet discovered it … what do you think?



Today and tomorrow live from Soundmit


I’m not assuming to speak on behalf of @jofemodo but I think before Zynth makes a dash at the greater populace at large it needs a bit more refinement. Also we seem to have a nicely burgeoning community with just what is happening now. Let’s get the step sequencer merged and see where we go from there.


Mind you we could do with new blood.

These tunnels take a lot of digging. . .


For waterproofing R&D, I presume? Soundmit Day 2 Roger Linn Interview

Actually the interview with Roger is great. Well any interview with him always a learning experience. Not often you get a real designer, with passion for making innovative human focused music and much as new tech.


The discussion between Roger and Robin covered MPE and MIDI 2.0 and they pretty much concur with what was said during ZynthClub this week. Maybe they were listening! I now understand a lot more the idea behind MPE and its use in expressive controllers. The main point is that it is not a piano keyboard but a new, different instrument which one must learn anew. I quite like how it is more like a guitar (my native instrument) and has me thinking of what kind of expressive controller might work well for me… not one that costs several thousand pounds!!!

If you want to just try it a roli lightpad block has the same layout as the linnstrument and you can stack them. Got mine for around 100 euros in reverb.

3 main issues with Roli Blocks are that Roli as a company is really struggling financially and going AWOL on support channels which is a concern given how unopen their platform is, I find the Blocks are not overly tactile/velocity responsive, having an array of them when you slide from one Block to the next you restrike the note. They are also a bit of a pain to customise … even basic things like changing note layouts away from the defaults.

Aside from those issues, its the cheapest way to play with MPE in hardware especially if you pick them up second hard … typically at 1/3 RRP!!! Aside from Roli Blocks … there are some iOS apps that include MPE like GeoShred Pro, KB-1 (often half price), expressionPad (free but only maybe MPE?), etc.

Yeah, as of writing this i’ve already created an alternative firmware for the roli seaboard block and i’m currently working in one for the lightpads, to make them into basicly a linnstrument. The problem is in the software and the company, but the hardware is pretty fine, i have 2 lightpad m and i love them

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