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Congratulations!! A really nice Zynthian, my friend!! :medal_sports::medal_sports::medal_sports:


Thank you very much ! This box wouldn’t be alive if there will be no zynthian inside (thanks to you!!! ) !

Look forward to upcomming firmware and trying it in action, till then it will be travelling and performing all over the southern Italy :slight_smile:

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P.s. the side parts were inspired by moog wooden parts. Of course mine are plywood and not from oak, nut or other more natural materials, and my form is a bit more roundy. I have the sketches in Solid Edge if anyone would like to make something alike on their own.

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Mine is alive!!

I was being cheap and bought everything from china:

The screen is compatible with the WaveShare 3.5A option. Replacing the female connector with a male connector was a pain (and had to do it twice, initially I soldered it to the wrong side of the board).

HifiBerry clone. Again had to replace the female connector with male pin headers.

Buying the recommended parts would have saved me a few hours.

Very happy with the result!! Thanks for all your work.


Could you upload us a sound file from it to here as confirmation? ( just a note from your favourite preset if you like :-D).

The new audio record (admin|Start Audio Recording) makes this easy using the web Interface (zynthian.local | Library Capture ) to upload the file :smiley:

Course if you want to go for it note/sound wise then go for it !!!

Let me play Body and Soul for you all :slight_smile:


The pianoteq Rhodes is awesome btw!

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I said one note … :rofl:

Not that I’m complaining.

Hi @joostn, nice sounds and nice playing.

Thank you for sharing

Thanks a lot, @joostn!

I added your beautiful play to the Wiki’s Audio demos:

Please, send as many as you want!! It’s a wondeful contribution to the project!! :wink:


P.S: @wyleu, have i told you that i love you, man? :kissing_heart:


Hi everyone! I’m officially signed up and in for the long haul. I just finished building a DIY v2.1 Zynthian kit over here in Pleasanton, California. I’m stoked to be trying to get this working.

Here are a few photos from my instagram feed:

The hardware build wasn’t so bad but I have to say that I’ve had more trouble with the software side of things. I’m hoping I’ll meet folks on here and we can solve the issues together.

I tried downloading one of the torrent files to get an image. That didn’t work so well… (ran my client for a week and didn’t download a single bit). I then found that there was a nightly build CI going so I grabbed the latest build from and flashed a 128GB sd.

When I booted for the first time I saw a zynthian logo and an ERROR message. It then rebooted and came up to what looked like a good menu screen but none of my encoders worked. My touch screen interface did however. So here I am :smiley: diving into the software/hardware debug phase and loving it. I’ve double checked my cabling and soldering and nothing obvious stands out. Are the nightly images stable?


I also had trouble downloading the stable image. I was trying to download the torrent on a partition that is formated in fat32 but apparently there is a size limit to a file on fat. Moved the download to another drive solved the problem for me.

Yes there certainly seems to be a certain element of black magic in the making of bootable ssd cards.

I do it using the disktools in the xubuntu desktop which allows various formats most of which I’ve tried, I assume the Image writes over the top of it all anyway.
I’ve tended to do a complete format before I start, I can’t remember if that’s an experience or a just in case but it’s now part of the ritual.!

I like the LED on the MIDI Port, My 4 pin DIN socket I had to hand didn’t have the pin numbers on so I got it the wrong way round the first time . . Once I’d sorted that out we have a working MIDI IN LED which is very useful.

I’ve mounted the all-in-one encoder without a ribbon cable which keeps things quite compact. It meant replacing the supplied 40 way pin block with one with long pins and a socket and soldering above.

If I soldered the socket on the other side of the All-in-one and with a bit of cutting I could squeeze the cut down board in the red box but I suspect this is not really practical, just useful to know from the point of view of mounting options. I suspect It would have heat problems !!!

This to allow me to select Layer Options, which I don’t think you can get to from an hdmi & mouse . . . :smiley:

I suppose I’ve made a new zynth so I better upload some output…

Some Vangelis strings from ZynAddSubFx net wisdom

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Well, quite true. But it’s only matter of choosing the right writing tool. For me, under Windows 10, never failed.

Moreover, I have modified all my rPI3 to boot from USB ( , and Win32DiskImager can write bootable images onto USB pendrives in the same way it writes a bootable uSD card.

(never tried with a Zynthian image, though)

AFAIK, the torrent are working OK. My torrent server is seeding all the time and i there are others seeders too. I tried right now and counted 5/9 seeders. Probably you have some problem with torrent in your network. Perhaps your company limits torrent use.

Anyway, you can download the official Gorgona Omega image from this links:

Kind Regards,

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Does anyone check the hashes of the downloads? I know I don’t.

Thank you I’ll give this a try to see where I am hardware-wise. I’ll see if I can connect to the admin interface in a browser once it’s up.

That has no audio in, right?

Here are a few image gallery sites, showing Zynthian case designs

— Here are a couple examples from these sites —


Hi, here are some pictures of my super cheap build with air wiring, a Joy-It display and a nice tag-and-slot case made with my Dremel-Drawer-Slides-and-MDF-CNC: