Success Cases


Did you get it downloaded? Pretty sure it’s the same one I’m seeding:


Weird…It looks like I had the same torrent file…but stopped my previous one and started the one you linked and now it’s working. Thanks @rockwater!


My server is also feeding all the time, so you should find several seeds …



I added a hole in the 3D printed case to access thr SD card


Be nice to have a hole like that in the bottom of the zynthian case to allow an easy SD card change.

By the way which cnn machine did you use to make the hole ?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Walmart drill and a plier. Was faster than printing again.


Here’s mine. It does not bring me joy to gaze upon it.


One drop of coffee was enough?


Looks to me like we should really add a hole in the official/3d printed cases. With a nice door compartment.


Hah at the time I was actually sticking to decaf and my girlfriend got this coffee as a gift! :smile: I really liked how narrow the box was. I thought a narrow but deep Zynthian would save desk space but I think the real Zynthian case is smaller than it looks in pictures. :grinning:


A hole big enough to get a pair of pliers on the card and get it out and also replace it. The Pi3 with it’s not so positive engagement actually makes it harder to get it out. This is one of the main reasons I don’t develop on my official Zynth. I have to take it apart to change the card.


Finally, the case is complete. All is working :slight_smile: !!!

RPi 3+ 2017
Audioinjector stereo
Samsung 32GB micro sd


Congratulations!! A really nice Zynthian, my friend!! :medal_sports::medal_sports::medal_sports:


Thank you very much ! This box wouldn’t be alive if there will be no zynthian inside (thanks to you!!! ) !

Look forward to upcomming firmware and trying it in action, till then it will be travelling and performing all over the southern Italy :slight_smile:


P.s. the side parts were inspired by moog wooden parts. Of course mine are plywood and not from oak, nut or other more natural materials, and my form is a bit more roundy. I have the sketches in Solid Edge if anyone would like to make something alike on their own.


Mine is alive!!

I was being cheap and bought everything from china:

The screen is compatible with the WaveShare 3.5A option. Replacing the female connector with a male connector was a pain (and had to do it twice, initially I soldered it to the wrong side of the board).

HifiBerry clone. Again had to replace the female connector with male pin headers.

Buying the recommended parts would have saved me a few hours.

Very happy with the result!! Thanks for all your work.


Could you upload us a sound file from it to here as confirmation? ( just a note from your favourite preset if you like :-D).

The new audio record (admin|Start Audio Recording) makes this easy using the web Interface (zynthian.local | Library Capture ) to upload the file :smiley:

Course if you want to go for it note/sound wise then go for it !!!


Let me play Body and Soul for you all :slight_smile:


The pianoteq Rhodes is awesome btw!


I said one note … :rofl:

Not that I’m complaining.