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What are the LEDs to the right? Do you have an internal picture?

Hi, I had a broken Roland Juno-G, I took a part of the case from aluminum sawed up, there were extra holes from the buttons and I put the LED indicator there.

Eyes turned to the sky by Roman Generalov

Zynthian: Bass, Synth Leads, Piano, Strings, Oboe…


Managed to finish the hardware…

Pi3b+ with zynthian all-in-one board and controllers.
China clone 3.5 display and pcm5102a output.
And 3d printed case (pimped with filler and paint)


@bitz where did you purchase your encoder knobs. (Gold bling! :slightly_smiling_face:)

Woaooo! Thanks a lot, Roman! This track reminds me some of these quasi-classical complex neo-chinese compositions that sometimes i listened when dinning in the Dragon Palace, near my old house in Barcelona :grin: Congratulations!! Your pieces are amazingly eclectic and absolutely non-conventional … please, don’t stop the machine!!

Of course, it’s added to the wiki’s Sound Demos:



Ohhh! The scratches almost kill me … really!! How you do that? Also zynthian?

no, these are a few chopped samples…

Radio types and sparkly things . . . :roll_eyes:

You can find such knobs under “guitar poti knob button dome” mostly fron china link
Most music shops have them too.

They are really very bling-bling, leftovers from a recent boombox project that goes by the name of “captain Nemos treasure chest”.

… But also available in black and silver…
…beware: some of them are with dent/mark…

I bought some similar in black from China but the hole is slightly too small to fit the encoder shaft. It would be good to have an example supplier of one’s that actually fit.

And @wyleu, I actually prefer to “operate these weird black controls that are labelled in black on a black background, a little black light lights up black to let you know you’ve done it” :slightly_smiling_face:.

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What all 42 of them…?

If I can stop working (I am actually far more busy than normal) for a bit during this enforced isolation I might, just might manage to put together my 42 knob Zynthian controller that has been in development for far too long…

For those of you who missed it, my I2C-Hardware-Controller allows connection of up to 64 potentiometers, 50 switches and 50 encoders so 42 should be attainable. Lets see…

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Sounds great! Good to see the 4051 making an appearance !.
I’ve been playing with the 12c encoders but only in Python which probably renders the effort fairly limited, they work but not as effectively as the existing C library seems to be. I’ve not really pushed it much beyond 4 encoders as once one has received the interrupt you effectively have to poll the encoders to see which one yelled and I suspect that wont scale . . .

There’s a fairly major mapping effort in all this if the current 4 knobs are to be mixed in so that they can be appropriately allocated and with the introduction of effects bus’s we really need to think a little about how we intend to allocate all this new control functionality…

Well my knobs were a bit to small too.
But I used my my small drilling machine.
The inside is mostly made of plastic. If you are carefull…

Incredible project you have with that controller.
Must be as big as a football field.


Hello everyone, I did it again, the case was bent from iron, I sawed holes manually.