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Yeah, ttl-midi works! Just a small video of my Seq4 interfacing with Zynthian :grinning:


Hi All,

this is my first try to use a small box for so much hightech and a router (for the rectangle display hole).

I followed Holgers instruction but soldered my own PCBs for 2in1 and controller boards and built the nice ribbon cables. Although I was confused by the naming of the allocated GPIOs of the RBPI, I decided the most logical connection… drilled some holes in the alu case…

and tried the first launch:

Then I touched a key on my masterkeyboard…: WOW, AWESOME so clear and fat sound I did not expect (and by the way I did not believe that my PCBs will work).

At this moment I want to thank the Zynthian team for their great effort!!

Then all the boards had to go in the case.

Close it and try again:

Lucky me, it still works…

The next step will be to use the right metal screws and a good design for the front with the name and the (short) knob description. The cheap china encoders are a bit wobbly, they should be changed also.
At the moment I hear a quiet high frequencied noise when it is running, may be the display or the cables that are very near to the hifiberry. I will try to find out how to get rid of it.

Very very nice project, thanks again!

Best Regards


Hi Michael! Congratulations! You made a really good work with your Zynthian!!!
I love this case. Jeje! One little question … why you don’t “open a window” in the case to give access to the USB/ethernet connectors? It’s really important to have access to this connectors, believe me …
Zynthian is also a network beast. It can get updated directly from the network, and you can open the native GUIs of some of the synth engines from your computer:

Also, very soon MOD-UI, the fantastic web interfaz created by MODDevices will be available too:

Best Regards, and welcome on board!!!


Hi @jofemodo,
thanks a lot for that big compliment!
Now as I know how important the access of the raspi connections are, I will make them accessible. My understanding of synthesizers was that they have at least only the audio output :slight_smile: . Then I will try the “new” possibilities.

Best Regards


Hi @StoneTMoN!

Also, you can connect several MIDI-USB keyboards directly to Zynthian. It’s an obvious feature, but there are very few synth modules in the market that can do that. Really! Almost all the synth modules in the market with an USB connector don’t allow direct connection and you have to put a host (computer) in the middle. It sucks! :confounded:



Hi all!!
Finally I built my Zynthian box (some post above there was only my “naked” setup"). I used a Hammond box 1590DBK (you can find it on Mouser, TME, RS etc.) and with my father (the mechianical expert of Garretlabs :slight_smile: ) we engraved it in order to insert the electronics inside!
Regrading the knobs… I used orange ones because the current Zynthian GUI has orange/grey as main colors! :wink:
The knobs are the following:
It is a great instrument…and I play it more or less all days! :slight_smile:


Hey, a new image, time to finish my Zynthian build. (Quite a journey, bought and build a 3D printer to print the parts for my CNC-router (MPCNC) to mill the parts for the case :wink:)

The result…

Finaly, a slot to access the SD-card :cold_sweat:

Making sounds already!



Box 3d printed by


Hi!! Really nice!! Congratulations!!

I think you are the first person who have reported a 100% printed 3D box. Could you give some extra feedbak? Did you find some problems related to the 3D case? What version did you print? It doesn’t seem the last one …



My wooden box :slight_smile:


Hi @ejdzi,

Nice build. Is it a liitle “treasure chest” containing your Zynthian synth? I guess so…:wink:

Regards, Jose



Really nice! It is so funny what kind of different boxes are shown here! Have you thought about coming to Maker-Faire Berlin in June?
We (Zythian project) have currently no acceptance… but I hope we get one!

Regards, Holger


What a nice treasure chest!? :slight_smile: nice build


Ohhh @ejdzi!!

I really love this case!! :heart_eyes:
My precioussssss … :grin:

@C0d3man, It would be nice to use the Maker Faire to organize a kind of Zynthian Meeting. When the stand is confirmed, we could make a call. What do you think?




Yes - very nice idea! Hope MF2017 will accept us!

Regards, Holger


Just finished building my box. My gadget was made from RPI3, WaveShare 3.2" clone, PiFi DAC+ V2.0 (Hifiberry clone), LM2596 power module. I made an all in one control board on veroboard.
Thanks a lot for this fantastic project!


Nice case, love those knobs!


WOW @norbim ! This one is a beauty :heart_decoration:

I already have a sound card

Great build Norbin!! Love your cases.

Would love to hear your impression on how the Zynthian stacked up compared to the MB sampler? I was planning a MB sampler but changed my mind to the Z synth. Not that the MB is ‘bad’ but the Z seems more flexible.

I also have some of those LM2596 SMPS but was worried that the 2amp rating was too low. But if it will do the job, that sounds great.


Thanks Yogi,
comparing the MBSamplePlayer, this one is really flexible, especially if you want to play with different sample sets and synth technologies. The only drawback is that you have to wait for the OS and engine booting time when you switch it on.
The MBSP is only a “simple” sample player which plays simple wav files for every midi notes, the soundfont synthesis is a “bit” complicated method. I think the MBSP is a switch on and go solution, its perfect to inbuild to e.g. a mellotron or other “replica” instrument. For a long time I wanted to build a small Hammond emulator module, and I found Zynthian which has setBfree as a perfect solution. The other engines are really the bonuses for me.
Actually the LM2596 module is rated for 3 amps, but I think 2 amps would be also enough. I haven’t had any problem with it so far.