Synth UI X11 sessions within Web Browser possible?

There is this idea, what if plugin/synth/fx UI which could be accessible using X11 would be presented within web access? I don’t know, but I do think that could be now possible to show X11 apps within browser. One then won’t need to install and use anything out out of supported and usable web browser.
What if there would be complete user config for layers (maybe all params) could be done within web browser?


Sorry. I don’t get it. Is this correct thread? Anyway, I’d like to avoid vnc as it is resource hog IMHO.

You wanted to show X11 GUI interfaces in the browser, correct? vnc is pretty much it.

Sorry. I’m probably struggling to understand. In any case, vnc is not the same as X server. Idea is also to have those UI synth screen separate, not overlapping on vnc desktop, in a list which would correspond with used layers. I dont think vnc is good approach especially over wifi.

I doubt your going to find another one that works in a browser unless you only use lv2 and write all your own Mod-ui front ends.

The only attempt I knew of to do anything like what you are asking is Gnome Broadway, and that’s only for stuff that uses GTK3.