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Please attach screenshots that answer 1-3






How did you connect the Zynthian?
Directly with your PC?

Both need to be connected to the same router.

Right now you ask the Zynthian to be his router, which he can’t be.
So your PC gets a self assigned address.
Which means, that you don’t have a connect.



I don’t see a network cable







Don’t connect the Zynthian with the PC. Buy a router that you can connect with your Wifi


WifI might be a little bit difficult as the zynth default ( from memory ) is off.

It really is a good idea to get zeroconf names available as IP addresses change.

Sadly on windows the easiest way to do this is to install iTunes *( yuck, yuck, hate ,hate).
That should make names (zynthian.local) a little bit easier. (if anyone has an easier way than this please post it as I feel dirty suggesting iTunes.)

Just found this … :smiley:

If you DO use Ethernet cables do it like this.

Finding out a Pi’s address on a network when it’s not working can be a little bit hard…

The default NAME is great (zynthian.local) but windows often doesn’t support the software mechanism that allows that to work (bonjour , avahi, etc).

We cannot suggest the IP address wou will end up with as your router will give you the address. You will need to read up on the router to find that out. Often it will have a web interface ( not unlike the zynthian one) that will allow you to see the ip addresses of the machines you have connected.

Once you know the ip address then put that into the host name section of Putty and try again.
IF you CAN get the name working that is better.
Once you get the address it can be checked from both the zynthian front display or webconf


But this is network bootstrapping problems for you.

Hope this isn’t stuff you already know, if it is just assume it might help someone else.



Please try to login as root
password raspberry ( this is the zynthian default)

The Zynth page on it.


thanks to all zynthianer who gave me the time & helped me to build the zynthian I made for the first time, I am waiting for the delivery of zynthian basic kit to continue it



Your sound device is not working. Have you configured your device from the webconf tool?
You should do it … :wink:


how to log in to webcont because I can’t log in to webcont



on this web link: there is this information http://wiki.zynthian.org/index.php/Configuration_Users_Guide For addressing your Zynthian box from your browser, you can use this 2 methods:

  • Browse to http://zynthian.local . This doesn’t work in all devices. Many Windows-PCs and mobile devices doesn’t fully support the mDNS protocol.

If you your browser can’t find the zynthian.local address, you will then need to figure out what IP address has been assigned to your Zynthian Box. For more details, see Finding your IP address. Once you have your Zynthian’s IP address (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx), you can browse to http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx . Easy,


But if you already login into your zynthian, then you only have to use the same address from your browser.
Also, from the zynthian’s command line you can use the command “ifconfig” for getting the IP assigned to your zynthian.