Testing audio playback from command line


I’m in the process of building my custom Zynthian. While I work on an MCP23017 based encoder setup, I’d like to test the audio playback of my audio board. What is the best way to do this from the command line? Thanks,

  • Dave


Hi Dave,

mpg123 ./data/audio/test.mp3

For details:

Kind regards,


Thanks. As others have mentioned, this only appears to work if you have some sort of encoder setup. With encoders set to DUMMIES this did not play.


It should work if your audio interface is correctly configured. What soundcard are you using?




Once I installed the encoders and navigated to the audio test option, it worked fine.


Nice! Does it use the Hifiberry drivers?


Yup. I use the HiFiBerry DAC+ in the Audio part of the webconf. Once I got the MCP23017 based encoders working audio and midi tests play fine.

The Sainsmart is quite a bit cheaper than the HiFiBerry family but it doesn’t give you the breakout header so I had to solder on a double row pin header to the top of the board:

If you look below the 40 pin cable (old IDE cable) you can see the solder joints joining the double row 40pin header to the to the DAC.


Is there an ‘approved’ way of playing a audio file from the zynthian interface, ideally with a playlist?