The new All-In-One PCB is ready

Hi @Zynthianers!

The new All-In-One PCB is ready for production! :tada::confetti_ball::tada:

The first printed boards were buggy and i had to disable 2 MIDI ports for not burning my table:


I just received the fixed one and it works like a charm:

So, i’ve ordered a few of them for all of you :wink:

These are the features:

  • A GPIO expander MCP23017 is used for managing all input from encoders and switches. Only I2C pins and GPIOs 25 & 27 are used.

  • It includes 3 standard MIDI ports (IN, OUT & THRU) with optional activity LED. UART pins (TxD & RxD) are used for this. All the 3 ports are opto-coupled following the scheme shared by @Imager :wink:

You can find the project files in the HW repository:

zynthian-hw/zynthian_allinone at master · zynthian/zynthian-hw · GitHub

This is my first KiCad project and probably it’s a complete mess for a good electronic dessigner :blush: Anyway, i’m really happy with my new tool and i hope to bring more and better PCB designs to the community in the near future …



Nice work! I’ll need to check one out for my next build.


Great!! I think your project reached a professional grade sometime ago. Specially worth to mention is the fact that you accept to develop new feature requests which is an valuable extra.

Congratulations…once again.

Regards, Jose.


this is nice and clean design, great job !

Hi @Zynthianers!

I made a PCB only with the connections for the encorders:

Note: This PCB has not yet been verified.

Regards, Rod

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Nice! If you could share the design files … :wink:

Of course! :grinning:

I’m going to do the assembly of the PCB this weekend. If it works, I share the files in github

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Ooooh this looks nice! @jofemodo does it work with the current case layout?

Your PCB looks really nice.

Of course a complete ALL-in-one board would have:

  1. Connections for encoders
  2. MIDI connections and circuitry
  3. Connection for touchscreen LCD display
  4. PCM5122 audio chip and associated circuitry
  5. Connections for audio output jacks

Perhaps similar to this:

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You should make new mounting holes for the PCB …


Jeje! You read my mind … :wink:

Does the all-in-one replace the 4 controller-pcbs as well as the 2-in-one pcb?

No. It replace and extend the 2in1 PCB while improving and simplifying the wiring.
You still need the 4 controller PCBs, but soldering a JST connector instead of an angle-row-pin.

BTW, I’m working in an updated version of the mounting tutorial.


So does this solve the GPIO issue to be able to use PiSound etc?

Yes. Only GPIO 25 & 27 pins are used, so i think you could use any soundcard without problems.

Very nice, I was looking forward to this stage!
So I have to decide which soundcard to use now, and I could just start building :slight_smile:

So we can produce an Encoder/MIDI interface to go next to our HDMI monitor with seven connections?


I would say “yes”, but i haven’t tried yet. Anyway, you should be aware of not using a cable too long.

if you want longer cable, you can try with TI p82b715 I2C extender
I’m evaluating them right now for another project

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I confirm they work perfectly (>5m cable with flat RJ11 cable)

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