The new Aluminum Cases have arrived

Hi @Zynthianers!

The new Aluminum Cases just arrived this weekend. There were some problems with the serigraphy process, but finally everything is OK, just a little bit of delay.

The new Aluminum Case is slighty bigger than the older one, as it’s designed for a bigger (and much better!) display:

It also has mounting holes for the new All-In-One PCBs and includes MIDI-IN and MIDI-OUT connectors.

I have updated the prices in the Zynthian Kits post. A moderate increase due to the extra MIDI connector and the new “official” display.

Also, i’ve added prices for standalone PCBs, including the remaining old 2in1 PCBs :wink:



Cool! Have you wired one up yet? I’d be interested in seeing the finished project with the bigger screen & all-in-one PCB (including the assembled guts)