The Zynthian Kit v4 has been released!

Oh heyyyy, I got a limited edition too, then!

How about adding a serial number somewhere on the case?
Probably best on the bottom.
How are the holes made? Waterjet or milled?
With milling it should be possible to ‘just’ add the number to the toolpath.

Just wondering. Does it make any difference to get a 2, 4 or 8 GB Pi for a general Zynthian use case ?
Cheers !

Not really the 32bit machine can’t allocate more than 3g to an app so the 8g will sit with memory unused but I wouldn’t rule out zynthian going 64bit in the future. I use 4g for my zynths and use an 8g as my desktop

Hmm, it would imply maintaining a 64 bits build in parallel. Maybe we could gain some efficiency too - for ex. would a 64 bits of Pianoteq be quicker ? Thanks for the reply !

64-bit Zynthian is discussed here

Hey, Paul from Ardour here. The v4 kit has been out of stock for a while now, but it seems that all the parts except the RPi4 are available. What’s the best way to get my hands on a v4? Shall I just buy all the parts and get the RPi4 from elsewhere?


Hi Paul, welcome.
First of all : 1000 Thanks for your job with Ardour, … what a software :heart_eyes:

Regarding zynthian : After having a look at the shop, rpi4 are available with differents RAM configurations. But thé hifiberry DAC+ADC is out if stock.

Regards from France


Seems to be instock on the HiFiBerry site. Could I just order a v4 kit without it?

The New zynthian’s case and zynthian’s audio inputs will not fit with hifiberry’s stock hat as single ended RCA connectors are removed in thé New V4 in the profit of 6.35 mm balanced inputs. @jofemodo will be able to tell you more about this (it must have been talked about that elsewhere above in that post)

Btw, if you already own a rpi4 or rpi3, a descent touch screen (or even a HDMI display+mouse, ) and a USB class compliant soundcard, you will be able to test zynthian.

I think the smallest rig I’ve ever built is Pi3,
Raspberry Pi internal sound, a mouse and a vnc viewer… :smiley:

Mind you the internal sound is only really passable.

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alas, i own none of the above at this point. just about to receive an SL88 Grand controller and want to run pianoteq with it.

i considered just getting my own rpi4 system but rgareus convinced me to go with zynthian if possible. the out-of-stock status, however, it leading me back to just doing my own.

It would be a shame not to have you here Paul but if all you want is Pianoteq then you will actually get better performance running it headless on a Raspberry Pi than under Zynthian. (It pains me to say but Zynthian obviously adds overhead.) I have been able to run Pianoteq without xruns at 44100 internal on a RPi4 but only at 22050 internal under Zynthian. The Pianoteq UI adds overhead hence the suggestion to run headless.

Do please consider returning to us when you can build a Zynthian. We would absolutely love to have you as a member of the community.


Yes, just to re-iterate what @riban has said we are really keen to have benefit from your insights. (Another Ardour license owner)

Removing the connectors from a “standard” HifiBerry is really easy. It takes 3 minutes with a good wire-cutter, but you have to have very clear one simple rule:


If you do this, you will broke, for sure, the thin tracks that connect the connector’s pin-pads, carrying the audio signal from the DAC output to the row-pins. For avoiding this, you have to simply cut the connector’s pins, without twisting anything in anyway.

I’ve personally broke a few Hifiberries before realizing where the problem was. Of course, you can fix the broken tracks with a magnifying glass, a soldering iron and good pulse … but believe me, you would prefer to avoid this step :wink:



Workshop in a german online magazine:



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Toll ! Zum glück kann ich Zynthian gut und davor hab ich fast alles verstanden :wink:

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Yes, great when now and then on a musician portal zynthian is mentioned. In my opinion, the project still finds too little attention. Meanwhile, there are hardly any synths from the industry, which are multimbral…
The workshop was not written by me - if this impression was taught.

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