The Zynthian Kit v4 has been released!

Hi @le51,

You have the kit v4 without the raspberry available in the shop, just take a look in the dropbox inside the product details! :wink:

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Does the new V4 kit fit in the Zynthian Suitcase?

I’ve got most of the parts for a v3 kit (Zynaptic v1.0, connectors, controls) and my own Pi4 and HiFiBerry. I think all I need are the ZynScreen 1.5, ribbon cable, and case. Everything but the enclosure is listed in the v4 parts section. Is there a way to order just the metal enclosure?


Yes the V4 case is exactly the same size as the V3 ( I asked … :wink: )

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Thanks! Just one more question. I want to order the V4 kit and I notice it comes with the Raspberry Pi in 2GB, 4GB or 8GB versions. What is the advantage of the versions with more memory and is it worth the extra cost?

Sorry if this is a silly question but this would be my first Zynthian so I have no idea if the amount of memory makes much difference in practical terms for this particular application of the Pi.

Migrating ZynthianOS to 64 bits is the main reason why you might want an 8G machine, but the zynthian v4 is 32 bit so it doesn’t make too much use of the 8Gbyte machine.

there’s a bit more discussion on the subject here:

Personally I suspect ( but emphatically do not know) that we will use the 8G once we get the zynth onto a 64 bit OS…

So sorry there’s not a hard answer but hopefully it gives you an idea as to the issues.

Just for example I use a Pi4 8G as my desktop machine and it does use the memory for chrome pages but a 32bit OS machine can’t actually run one program with more than 3G and that is the sort of thing we would probably want to do with the zynth…

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Thanks again.

I have ordered!


Even with the 32bit RaspiOS on the 8G Pi4, it can use the full 8gb. its just limited to 3gb per process.

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Very very interesting!! :slight_smile:
Do you thinking an upgrade from V3 to V4?

Pretty much everything we have now will run in 1G, but the big win for zynth will be humungous sample packs for LinuxSampler.

Just a me too for the case. Will it be available with the heat sink?
After testing the zynth the cheap way possible, Rasp, hdmi out (old monitor, keyboard and mouse) I’m sold.
But early this year, I shared the lov€ for this open source sounds on a mod dwarf, I will go on a more diy output only solution, case, board and screen first.
Best and thank you!


Yes, case + zynductor + connectors + bolts&nuts will be sold as a kit very soon.


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Really nice machine … and the price is … whoaoooo!! :scream_cat:


Yes, it’s looking good and I’m a guitarist so it had to go first. But I do prefer the zynthinan complete openness.

Sorry, just noticed another reference to, “Multi-timbric” on the website.
Both software download links give gateway error.

Please, give me the coordinates :wink:

Ups! We still having problems with the root server …
It’s fixed now.


Multi-timbric is near the bottom under “Software” section.

w00t! I’ll keep reloading the shop page until it’s listed :wink:


Well I ordered the 8G in any case… thought it would be a good idea to future-proof as far as possible.

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