Translate single MIDI note to trigger a chord?


I have a Studiologic MP117 foot controller.

It’s OK for bass lines, but when I play chords I can only play 2 part harmony.

Is there a way to translate single MIDI notes into several notes, so it could trigger full chords?


I’ve lusted after one of those :smiley:

How complex do you want to be.?

You (presumably) want to allocate a root note to a specific chord.

So that’s ok for Majors but then how do you do minors or do you want it to play in a specific key?
How far into Dim & Augs might one go?

I believe one could program a lot of that up in MIDI maps ( I’d love to see a write up of how one would do that… :- ). So you would be loading different MIDI defaults for each snapshot you set up.

So a snapshot to play C major scale
note C chord C C E G
note D chord Dm D F A

Then all you are left to do is the choice of your bass sound for the snapshot.

The 12 Step from Keith McMillen did this to an incredible level, sadly it’s membrane triggered pads never really seemed to hack it.

I’d LUV to hear some good zynth bass from pedals.


Hi @ttblum!

Currently in Zynthian you can use the “clone channel” feature for getting chords. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a layer in channel 1
  2. Create a second layer in channel 2 with the same instrument that layer 1.
  3. Clone layer 1 to channel 2. This kind be done by bold clicking on layer 1 from the layer list.
  4. Transpose the layer 2 (or 1) the number of semitones you want.

This procedure can be repeated for N layers :wink:

Of course, you only will get some useful chords in such a way, and probably not the chords you need, but it’s “funny” :wink:

For getting the functionality you want we need to implement a decent harmonizer, and of course you should “tell” the machine exactly what chord you want. You can do it by fixing the scale/mode or by adding the “chord-type” while playing: You could use some keys from the keyboard/pedals for doing this.

Kind Regards,