Updating a legacy v1 kit to the latest stable release


it’s been some years and I played a lot around with the Kit, thanks for all the effort from you guys!

I’ve seen the sequencer in a related youtube video and wanted to try to upgrate the firmware. As far as I see above, I’ve got the V1 Kit but don’t really find any information which is the latest firmware I can use with my V1 Kit. I’ve downloaded the latest version, but it is only showing me a white screen.

Any tipps or urls where I can find any information on my situation?


I’ve just stumbled upon Something wrong with v1 kit and new images? - #3 by ivanmonterosso and will check the solution out.

Any easy way to upgrade the V1 kit to a V4 kit or are there just too many steps in between?

Latest stable SD images should work flawlessly, although perhaps you need to use the testing branch, that includes some fixes for legacy v1 kits.
You simply follow these steps:

  • Burn the latest SD image in a good enough SD card
  • Boot and wait until the first-boot setup process has finished. As your display is not configured, you wont see anything. Let’s say you wait about 30 mins to be completely sure :wink:
  • Connect your unit to your router (local network) using an ethernet cable
    • access webconf on http://zynthian.local
    • access hardware->kits and select kit v1 on
    • access software->repositories, check testing and update
  • Reboot