Upgraded Zynthian and previous issues are back

Zynthian doesn’t realize I upgraded to Pianoteq PRO
Pianoteq 7.2.0 PRO appears as STANDARD in the Zynthian UI
In my stable 2109 image, I had requested code change to display I have PRO, but with the latest stable I just upgraded, it seems to have reverted back to the old behavior. It shows as “standard” in the UI. This is only cosmetic and does not otherwise break anything.

I also realize I may be one of the few if not only user that has PRO, so I will of course help test any changes.


I also have a PRO license and at some point it appeared correctly :slight_smile:

This is a ‘shot in the dark’, but if it would be easy to try, you could try writing a fresh new stable image to an sdcard, and see if it ‘fixes’ the display.

This was flashed yesterday

It displays as PRO on the web UI. It displays as STANDARD on the zynthian itself.