Zynthian doesn't realize I upgraded to Pianoteq PRO and have new instruments

I’ve been running Pianoteq 7.0.5 STANDARD with 3 instruments (+1 separately purchased) for some time without any issue. I decided to upgrade to PRO. I first upgraded to Pianoteq 7.2.0 by dragging the 7z file. I then opened Pianoteq using ssh -Y and activated using the new upgrade PRO serial (I saw no where in the web ui to to this procedure). By activating PRO, I received a 5th instrument pack.
Everything now looks correct in the Pianoteq UI.

However, in the web ui, although my new serial is displayed correctly, it still shows as STANDARD. I don’t know if this affects any functionality though.

The real problem is my new instrument pack (although available in Pianoteq) still displays as a demo in the Zynthian menu. Kalimba also is displayed under demo, even though I’ve owned it a long time now.

You probably have to upload a new binary, that you can redownload from modartt user area here:

After that use your serial to reactivate Pianoteq and it might work.

Please try and good luck in the process !

I’m going to assume you didn’t read my post, as I already did everything you suggested; that’s why I’m here…
The web ui displays the correct (upgraded) pianoteq version, and it displays my correct (new) serial. It displays the wrong Product (I am PRO now, but still shows STANDARD), and in the Zynthian UI it is still has Kalimba and my new instrument pack (Steelpans) as demos even though I own them. The Pianoteq UI itself (if you SSH in) is correct all around.

Did you try to click reactivate button near the serial number near the serial number ? In my case (I have STANDARD license) something was broken once in version 6 and purchased presets have switched to demo. Maybe downgrading to v6 and then back to v7 might work - you have to improvise with zynthian sometimes (having backup of course) and retry some operations a couple of times. Otherwise backup all your custom presets and data and reinstall.

Does anything change after complete shutdown and starting up again ?

“Did you try to click reactivate button near the serial number near the serial number?” Yes
“Does anything change after complete shutdown and starting up again?” Standard “have you tried turning it off and on again”. Of course, no, nothing changed.
Downgrading to v6 and back to v7… where would I find an older version of v6? I immediately installed 7.0.5 when I built this box; I have never used v6.
“backup all your custom presets and data and reinstall” ugh… :worried:

Where does Zynthian actually pull its info from? I would assume I would need to remove some cache or something.

I completely deleted the /zynthian/zynthian-sw/pianoteq6 folder, but the Web UI seemed unaware that i had done so, as it still display STANDARD 7.2.0.
I reinstalled pianoteq using the 7z dragged over. No change.
So I assume Zynthian is storing what it think it knows about pianoteq somewhere.

In Download section on modartt website there is the following line:
" Previous versions are still available, in case you encounter any problem with the latest version, click here" and ARM version 6.7.3 is available for download. Just in case you want to explore it further (well, sometimes experiments brake zynthian - saying from personal sad experience).

I know your pain even with an idea of complete reinstall … but sometimes “That is the way (C) Mandalorian”

No fresh ideas for themoment how to help you at the moment. Maybe @jofemodo, @wyleu and @riban hame some fresh angles ?

Well guess what…
I completely reimaged my SD card and started over.
Uploaded Pianoteq 7.2.0. Put in my activation code.
If I ssh -Y into the Zynthian and launch pianoteq, I am listed as as PRO with 5 instrument packs.
However, the Zynthian Web UI still lists me as STANDARD, and I’m still missing Kalimba and the Steelpans instrument pack.
ZynthianOS is broken, at least with Pianoteq 7.2.0.

actually… it looks like even though the listing on the Zynthian is wrong (listed as demo), if I select the demo instruments I own, it is still allowing me to use them authorized. so maybe this is all a cosmetic issue.

I just updated my Pianoteq Stage to 7.2.0 with 2 packs and it looks fine and is behaving as expected. I am not seeing demo indication anywhere. It shows as Pianoteq 7.2 Stage in the list and its patches all appear fine with the demo instruments (that I have not bought) appearing below the demo line in the list of presets.

Here’s my menu…

Does it show as Pro in the list of engines? Main->Layers->New Synth Layer

No, it is correct in the App, but not the Web or UI.

and again… this is a fresh re-image.

What is the output of:

/zynthian/zynthian-sw/pianoteq6/arm-32bit/Pianoteq\ 7\ PRO --version


grep subl /root/.config/Modartt/Pianoteq72\ PRO.prefs

I don’t have a /zynthian/zynthian-sw/pianoteq6/arm-32bit/Pianoteq\ 7\ PRO file.
root@zetes:/zynthian/zynthian-sw/pianoteq6/arm-32bit# ./Pianoteq\ 7 --version
Pianoteq version 7.2.0/20210212 – http://www.pianoteq.com/pianoteq
Copyright © 2021 Modartt.

I don’t have a Prianoteq72\ PRO.prefs file.

root@zetes:~/.config/Modartt# grep subl Pianoteq72.prefs
 VALUE name="subl" val="Harp:A;Steelpans:A;Celeste:A;Vibes:A;Xylo:A"

I removed the less than and greater than signs, as this forum doesn’t like them.


/zynthian/zynthian-sw/pianoteq6/pianoteq --version

root@zetes:/zynthian/zynthian-sw/pianoteq6# ./pianoteq --version
Pianoteq version 7.2.0/20210212 -- http://www.pianoteq.com/pianoteq
Copyright (c) 2021 Modartt.