Uploading Files in webconf


What do you think about the following feature?

New webconf menu item under library. Soundfonts?
The screen contains an upload area for gig, sfz or sf2 files.
They are stored under zynthian-my-data/soundfonts.

Guess we need something for the subdirectory structure as well.
I have to figure out first, if fluidsynth can handle subdirectories under /sf2 as well.

So maybe we need a left tree for the directories and a right part for the upload.


This feature is in my list from a long time ago. I really would love to see it implemented. Ohhh yesssss!! :wink:


Checkout SoundfontUpload


I going to provide a renaming feature.
Do we need a Download as well?
I am not sure because of security reason.
The webconf has a login, but most of the time it will be the default password.
And imagine you have a licenced soundfont?


And do we want to integrate this somehow?


Musical Artefacts download is possible :slight_smile:

Now I don’t know, if an upload would be useful.
You need an account for that.


Hi @mheidt!

Excuse the “silence”. I was full-time busy moving back from the country side to the city …
I’ve been testing the new soundfont manager and it works perfectly. The Musical Artifacts integrations is woaooooo!! Greaaaaaat!! Congratulations for your huge work!! I love you, man!!! :heart_eyes:

The only detail i see is when renaming soundfonts: you can change the file extension and this is not desirable because Zynthian UI use extensions to find and list the soundfonts, so if you make an error while renaming and change the extension, the soundfont wont be availble in the UI and you would need to rename again to fix the problem. I think it would be better to exclude the extension from the renaming function. Anyway, it’s not a priority task :wink:

I merge with master, but the development of this feature continues in the specific branch.



i fixed it…


Hi @mheidt @jofemodo

after hading much trouble with updates, now I got everything up and running from a fresh gorgona image. I had to “apt update && apt upgrade -y” between some update steps. AND I had to fix some lines in /boot/config.txt for getting the new kernel running with MIDI:

# Adjust Serial Port Clock to allow MIDI baudrate 31250

I also tested the soundfont upload feature. Wow - everything’s working currently really fine! Thanks for your effort the last weeks!!! Nice work!

Regards, Holger