Usb foot pedals

I have this really dirt cheap pedal set I bought for not very much money from eBay (I think?) which I would love to be able to use as a midi device for toggling pedals or using with superlooper.

Trouble is, you could do that with midi, but this is not a midi device.

Plugged into my pc, it is recognised as a keyboard. Not a midi keyboard, just a keyboard.

If I open notepad, and press the 3 pedals I see the letters a,b and c. That’s all.

Tbh, I am struggling to even research this because any search term with both keyboard and midi in it means different things than this.

Any ideas?

Absolutely. I happen to have two of them.

The keybinding section in

allows you to use CUIA or key presses to do things . . .

Just plug the footpedal into the zynthian and select the required functionality in the above screen . . . :slight_smile:

If you want to use two foot pedals at the same time simply remap the keys on one of them using the supplied software, which I’ve got if you need it.


Futuristic poems only with the letters a, b and c?

Well look what nature managed with bases…AGCT… …

Ah cool… This thing just keeps getting better! Which actions can I use for superlooper?

Snap! I have one of those pedals too. I like the idea that it simply works like a USB keyboard. No need for drivers & you can use it to control any SW (…if you can remap the keys). I used it with Soundplant to trigger samples during a performance.

Not tried anything with souperlooper. There’s been a bit of discussion about SL but mostly about gui implementation

Ah shame… I want to be gui free and on the floor, because I want to loop live instruments not synths.

I guess I now need some kinda ‘kB -> midi’ truck, maybe?

I’ve got one of those, and there is a linux utility somewhere to reprogram its emitted key values to something else, if you want to go that way

Yeah, but then I need to convert from key press to midi for the superlooper I think.

I am not at home at the moment, but I will look into this again when I am back.

There’s a section in the zynth webconf.

a section in the webconf to map a keypress to superlooper?

No yet. But how would you allocate the pedals?

So the foot switch is currently set to press a b or c like a typing keyboard at the moment… I would like to map those to the “play” “record” and “undo” toggles on the superlooper