USB powered impedance matcher- pre-amplifier for guitar-bass-mic input to Zynthian

Hi there ! :wave:
Do any of you have a good device (diy or not) to use with the Zynthian for amplify guitar/bass/mic without having a big combo powered with wall socket ?
Like… USB powered, jack input, jack output

Right now I’m looking to have an off grid music station, with some help I hope to find the good devices !

Hi Wapata!

I am no electrical engineer (alas!), but I could safely bet on the likely hardships in drawing final voltage- amperage amplification at audio levels from an USB outlet, designed for feeding electronic devices at low currents…

Good luck with this anyway! :wink:

There do indeed seem to be limitations to amplification from such puny voltages. I’ve decided to try out a few cheap amp/DAC devices from Aliexpress, and they seem to generally start at 12v and go up from there, as high as 36v.

What I find interesting is, a fair number of them seem to target 19v as top voltage, which makes them very useful for getting some use out of old (or new and compact) laptop power supplies.

Good spot. Mine

My battery packs run at 20v nomimal,so they cover the 19v…this particular machine might well be happier at a bit more…

But theses are for output and not input ?

Indeed! Power amp generally means output.

It sounds like you are looking for a pre-amp…

here’s a rough selection…

It also depends if you want to have an entirely analogue input to the zynthian or might prefer an USB audio device…

is the sort of thing This will appear as audio devices in the zynthin and provide an audio output. but is important you get a device that does in and out as the zynthian is not able to deal with two separate audio ins & outs that don’t have a common clock signal.
It can be done but it chews up a lot of processing power doing the required rate conversion and matchjing.

I’ve got something !
Remember that I wanted to avoid the preamp between my guitar and Zynthian?
The Yuer TR-U1 wireless system is my solution! And what a good one, it work with my acoustic Bass .

No more buzzz sound, ADC set to 25 so no pshiiit sound either.

I’m happy and will take an other one.