Using OSC with PedalinoMini

Hi there !
So, it look like using OSC is not as easy as I though.

i have a working PedalinoMini GitHub - alf45tar/PedalinoMini: Wireless and Bluetooth MIDI Foot Controller in a working Wifi environment and a working QmidiNet.
But now that I want to use OSC, it seem that I don’t know how to use it.

I’ve tried to send an OSC message via button one this way:
OSC Adress

Capture du 2023-09-17 15-44-27

And many other variant but nothing reach the Zynthian and I don’t know how to send OSC message via other tools neither.

I throw a bottle here, but of course ask the same thing into the PedalinoMini Github page… just in case somebody understand OSC so well that he can understand what i’m talking about :wink:

Hi @Wapata ,

did you try as OSC address just:


@ToFF has made with success some research in OSC with Open Stage Control wich is a tool for designing remote control interfaces.

In his json configuration file, OSC addresses are like this and there is nowhere any network address like Zynthian.local:1370.

Also, did you try to monitor in/out coming messages ?

Maybe this helps.

Hi @Wapata,

I shortly looked on configuration of PedalinoMini. I find that OSC remote server is configured in
Here you can try put address of your zynthian 192.XXX.YYY.ZZZ and port no. 1370.
To the OSC Address lin of Control of PedalinoMini (your picture above ) put one from CUIA messages Accessing Zynthian from your computer - ZynthianWiki , somethink like /CUIA/SCREEN_MAIN

I must say that the PedalinoMini looks very good, that is, if the configuration works. I was interested in the possibility of rtpmidi, because I am currently building two raspberries, one as the center of all the controllers I have and the other raspberry as a hub for all my hardware synths. Both accessible from other computers via rtpmidi.

hi @le51 , I do not understand how the json stuff work neither :wink:
And my MIDILOGS doesn’t work anymore ! I’ve seen some data passing thru this morning and nothing since lunch time.

hi @ToFF you’ve find a thing here ! it should work as you mention it (well done |O_O/ )
… but it doesn’t
… yet…

PedalinoMini is cool, i have some regrets to undo an FCB1010 to use it. In my opinion, a version like the one showed in the main page and wired expression pedals will be easier to use (and to adapt as needed)

But in the end mine will be super cool too :wink:

Update : /CUIA/ARROW_RIGHT is working, /CUIA/SCREEN_MAIN is not.
So it should not be a problem from PedalinoMini.

And for the IP, you can put “” or “zynthian” or “192.168.bla.bla” BUT the port to “1370” and it work.

EDIT : /CUIA/SCREEN_AUDIO_MIXER is okay too… so in the end : WHAT IS screen_main ?? :face_with_monocle:

SCREEN _MAIN doesn’t exist anymore. Check the updated CUIA list here:



It’s hurting me a little bit…
Please consider to change the example just above the list… the kind of example an user can use to test a device :smiling_face_with_tear:


Hi @jofemodo,

Please remove row with doesn’t exist SCREEN _MAIN from wiki

Some examples using the command line tool "send_osc":

# send_osc 1370 /CUIA/SCREEN_MAIN
# send_osc 1370 /CUIA/LAYER_CONTROL 2

Hi @Wapata,
sorry, I used the first command I saw in the wiki.

FCB1010 with Uno chip is in my setup

But webconfig of PedalinoMini is so sexy, luckily, I already have so many projects lined up that I’ll just mark this one down.


Ups! I missed to fix this line, It’s fixed now.


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