Zynthian OSC CUIA over Open Stage Control - template

Hi all zynthianist,

I started learning the make template for Open Stage Control which sending OSC messageses.
I don’t know if I will be able to make a template for SooperLooper on Zynthian, but the first attempts are here in the form of basic CUIA commands.
Maybe this template will help those like me who have a encoderless Zynthian.

zynthianCUIA.json (110.8 KB)
P.S.: These three commands are missing from the template


Fantastic ! Thanks a lot @ToFF .

I’ve discovered OSC and its creator last year. But I haven’t tried it yet, it was a bit complicated for me.

For me too, i’m familiar with python simple scripting and html/css code, it’s all.

Jean help me when I was trying his loop192 looper. I had some issue convert midi signal to correct osc commands.

I wonder how many zynthianist use open stage control and OSC?

I have new version of template with Zynthian OSC CUIA. I was learning how to script for Open Stage Control, and I regretted not including the three missing commands. So here is the result.

zynthianCUIA_v2.json (120.2 KB)

I have prepared a template for the mixer as well, but currently the registration of the address from which the call came does not work in the test version.
I created a bug report about this

Before creating the masterpiece, i.e. the Superlooper template, I am now warming up on the template controlling the routing of controllers and synthesizers via BomeBox.

Stay tuned