Using the synthian OS with different hardware


Hi guys,

I have been messing with midi inputs and a raspberry pi zero audio for quite some while, i’ve used self-configured fluidsynth setups so far, but that as proven to be quite unstable.

I’m using a generic usb2midi converter and the aforementioned perozeroaudio ( Is it possible to configure the synthian OS to work with that hardware?



In theory it’s possible, but AFAIK, nobody have done it yet. You could try to build your zynthian image using the build script, but probably you would need to tweak a little bit :wink:

Good luck!


Started digging through the config files but didn’t get lucky yet. Do you have a hint where the midi and audio device settings are being configured? :slight_smile:


In Raspbian, audio devices are configured, normally, in the “/boot/config.txt”. It uses “overlays” that can be seen like a kind of “driver bundle” for a specific piece of hardware.

Of course you also can load and configure the kernel modules in “/etc/modules” or load the modules by hand using modprobe, although this is not the recommended way and Zynthian prefer to use the “overlay” method when available.

Regarding MIDI ports, zynthian uses the standard UART from the RBPi, that is configured for MIDI usage in the “/boot/config.txt” too.