V3-Pro Kit / White Screen

Hi eveyone! Very exited with my new Zynthian 3 kit.

Put everything together, went on the web tool, and selected V3 as the kit, to enable the selection buttons. Then I updated the software. The hardware at this point shows the HifiBerry DAC+ ADC sound card. Did the preliminary tests, and everything was excellent. Then I selected the V3-Pro kit in the web tool, which I assume uses the HifiBerry DAC+ ADC Pro sound card that I ordered with the kit to its full potential.

After the reboot, I can see the initial Zynthian logo, then the screen goes dark momentarily, then it lights up a white screen, and it stays with the white screen. Although this goes on, I can still reach the box via the web tool. If I change the kit again to V3 in the web tool, the system boots and everything goes back to normal.

While building the kit, I noticed that the connector behind the screen had a red jumper across the first two pins. However, the ribbon is a 26 pin plug and there is no way that I could see it mounted there, unless I remove that red jumper. Not sure what that jumper is for, but I had to remove it to mount the ribbon, while filling all the slots in the connector. I didn’t see any particular instructions for the jumper, or an alternate method of putting the connector on, with the jumper in place, but the screen seems to work normal when the kit is in V3.

Can someone please advise what the problem could be.


Pictures is generally the best way forward this cable issues. Could you photograph the area of concern with the red jumper…? Could you also send us a screenshot of the webconf home page?

Thanks for your answer. Below are the photos. I placed the red jumper back in place, behind the screen, just as I found it originally. Not able to fit the 26 pin screen connector with that jumper in place, so I had to remove it.

The Zynscreen that came with the kit is the ZynScreen V1.4. The web tool indicates that the Zynthian V3 or V3-Pro kit should have a ZynScreen 3.5[V1]. Not sure if these are the same.

However, the screen works well when Zynthian V3 is selected. But when the kit is changed to V3-Pro, then I get the initial Zynthian boot logo, and it then goes to a white screen. At that point the sound card shows as the Pro in the web tool.

If the logo screen pops up correctly, I imagine the difference has to be in the system software between the V3 and V3-Pro kit selection.

By the way, I am using a 5V, 2.5 amp plug for the kit, as recommended for the Raspberry 3.

Since the screen is nagged when activating the pro sound card, I am also including an image of the sound card. Thanks!

Hi @edrios!

The Hifiberry DAC+ ADC PRO is not well supported by Stretch (aka ARUK-Stretch RC-3). You should try the Buster RC-1. I will add a note to the Wiki :wink:

Regarding the red jumper in the screen, don’t worry about, It’s only for indicating VERY clearly where pin 1 is :wink: I was tired of broken displays because people connect them reversed.


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Maybe better to put a dot of nail varnish next to the pin. It will then always be obvious even when the jumper is removed and probably cheaper (unless Mrs Jofe uses Christian Louboutin!!!).

There is a mark in the PCB already, with a “1” and an “arrow”, but some people don’t pay attention, so i decided to put something you can’t ignore and force people to thing a few seconds about the thing :wink:


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I will try the Buster RC-1 image and report back.

Thanks everyone for your help!

Broken links, unable to download.

Yes it comes and goes with the weather Jofe, has and does invest a fair degree of effort into nailing down quite what the problem is . . .

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It’s working again …


Buster is up and running. Looks good! I will rerun the initial sound tests later on.



:face_with_monocle: any sound creation example? :grin:


I do like it when things become self sustaining … :fleur_de_lis:


This means that your disease has an R0 greater than 1!


It sounds fantastic!!! I have to admit that the Zynthian team did a terrific job with this RPi3 build and with the UI software. Great to have SSH and a web interface to dig deeper in the well, while having simple buttons on the unit that are more applicable to the performance. Last night I installed a couple of Pianoteq Stage instruments without a glitch. Still learning a lot on how to use the UI, but very quickly the whole process becomes intuitive, and the box has a very nice design.

As I am nearing my retirement age, I am using this to complete one of my dreams. I studied music in college, but always fought the idea of completing the piano requirements of the musical degree. Never applied the patience and dedication the instrument requires. I was more of a cuatro guy, and shifted my studies to a general studies degree, therefore bypassing the hard core requirements of the piano. I have strong musical theory and played the Puerto Rican cuatro, so the keyboard is a new found experience to me and a dream come true, along with the curiosity of electronic music,

I don’t have any sound examples right now, as I consider myself a newbie in this instrumentation area, but I will be glad to post some samples as I continue to delve and learn more with Zynthian.

You guys are great and I really appreciate all your help!

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I notice you do have an audio in, Can you plug a mic in and record you playing the cuarto…?

Practicing my first piece while learning the recording insights of Zynthian. Still a lot to learn, but sounds great.


The sheet music for this sits on my piano downstairs !! Dear old Eric Satie!

@wyleu I have the sheet music too!!! :smiley: Such a cool piece.
And nice performance, @edrios! :+1: