V4 with larger screen

I am new here. Just downloaded Zynthian on a spare RPI3B+ and its great.
But, I would like to create a V4 version with a larger display. ?
My question now is, How do I connect the rotary controllers, when I do not use the standard display.


No problem.

The display & encoder logic are completely separate and handled by the xwindows system…
You set the screen resolutions and the font size in the webconf…

This is one of my zynths

Hi @BertB welcome,
for controllers, it depends on your tinkering skills:

Or another fully DIY way is to use a different microcontroller like this or similar.

Lots of great ideas, thank you all.
I use a waveshare 5 inch HDMI + GPIO display.
As far as I can see, it uses the SPI for the touch screen.

Yes you’re right.
This screen duplicate the occupied pins by thé headers. So the I2C interface is still accessible for wiring a mcp23017 port expander

What kind of sound interface are you using ?

I am currently using the headphone jack of the PI.
That is okay for now, but I am considering buying a proper interface.
In fact, I do like the V4.1, but the display is a bit too small.

I have a small project for the encoder board. I have boards in hand if you are interested. Send me a PM and we can work out the details.

I am currently desiging a board that is basically all in one board + audio routing for the hifiberry to fit a 5 inch capacitive dsi screen like this one

So far i’m still in the mud, designing the pcb and all that, and work has been busy lately so not much juice left in the brain after hours, but I do intend on having this working before summer.

The footprint and general volume would be almost the same as the other one i made, but this time the case is gonna be metal

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So many bright ideas here to discover.
Thank you all for sharing.