V5 is here


The V5 is quite a joy to use - is the keypad and the functions of the various buttons, as well as the meanings of the colours of the buttons documented anywhere? I’ve tried searching the wiki.

By the way -

Oh, so that’s what that is - I thought it was a decorative charm for a key-ring!

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Ha ha - I thought the same thing - it’s something to put on my key ring! :slight_smile:

Completely agree about the V5 - amazing work.

I just started to write the documentation, but it’s still in its first stages:


I will be improving it along the next days. It is now a priority :wink:



Ah, thank you, that’s exactly what I was looking for! I was able to figure out quite a bit of how the buttons work, and in general it’s fairly ‘intuitive’, but some of the functions, particularly the ‘alt’ function were quite puzzling.


I’m going to start putting my ‘beta test feedback’ in this topic. Let me-us know if you’d prefer a different topic.

First up - I’d like the encoders to be labeled with their functions as push-buttons. I think I understand why they’re not, that the keypad replaces them, but I find them useful.

and while you’re updating that - the audio in and out labeling seems misleading - they aren’t really Mic ins and speaker outs, correct? Although I must admit it gets the idea of in and out across pretty well and I can’t at this moment think of a better alternative. Arrows would be a bit too ‘abstract’.

This isn’t really V5 related, it’s the same in V4 - I’d like to see a way to stop the ‘audio test’ function.

Hi @tunagenes !

Nice to read your feedback. Please, send more!!

Knob functionality is very contextual in the V5. We could had labeled them as #1, #2, #3, #4, but i preferred to keep the design clean. Less is more and aesthetics are important too. Anyway, your suggestion is well noted.

We had a much more abstract and very elegant version for the printings. Indeed, there are some nice prototypes by there. Finally we choose a “pragmatic” and no so elegant approach:

  • The mic icon for the audio input
  • The speaker icon for the audio output

i know, it’s not “formally exact”, but everybody understand the meaning. Perhaps in a future hardware revision we rescue our original idea :wink:

Pushing back button doesn’t work? It should. I will check tomorrow.


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OK, I’ll just label them on ‘my’ Zynthian as I like.

It works. I don’t want to confirm my ‘denseness’ but I thought I had tried it, but I guess that was either in the past and it has been fixed or just my mistake, thanks.


Here’s a minor issue - when the V5 goes to sleep with the slowly blinking OPT button, when you wake it up with another button press it ‘does’ that button - it seems to me that the ‘wake up’ button press should cause the wakeup and then be ignored.


It’s well noted.


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Nice improvisation by Floyd Steinberg (@mr_floydst) on V5.


This is for me a natural evolution of using Zynthian, a mix of sequencer-based tracks and a bit of playing with a keyboard controller.


Oh, thanks for sharing this here! :wink:


Hi @Nicolaz !!

Check you private messages! I’m waiting for your answer.


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Hello @mr_floydst ,
you’re welcome. I am a subscriber to your YouTube channel, so I discovered the V5 video quite early. It’s a very nice example of working with Zynthian,I think the development core is certainly pleased by your show. And laiks belongs to you.

I have to agree with @Nicolaz that this is probably the natural evolution of how to work with Zynthian, see his video where plays with the help of Launchpad. Latest musical "effort" 🧐 .. Thanks Zynthian - #61 by jofemodo

Your examples show how @riban’s stubbornness paid off during development. When I first saw the sequencer in the working version, I didn’t really understand what it would be for :slight_smile: Well, I’m not the brightest. (the sharpest pencil in the pencil case, as we say). So I also have to thank @riban.


Still waiting to order mine.
Any news ?

does anyone know what the 4 NCP163 values are? are they all 3.3v?

Yes. All 3.3v, if my memory doesn’t fail. Anyway, you could check the schematics. They are in GitHub.

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i did, the nomenclature is a bit cryptic:) Just wondering because some of the devices can go up to 5v (5.5?). 3.3 was my first guess…

then again, with 5v in, the most they could be is 3.3v, unless LDOs are magic nowadays…

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Exactly :wink: