Welcome to Korg on joining the pi synth community

Raspberry pi compute module in the wavestate. :slight_smile:



Oh my… Bold move for Korg! Good!

Well… Compute module is the “production ready” lts version of rPi. So… Why not…

But will it boot Zynthian? :rofl:

I guess we will have to wait and see if it pops up in ‘Success cases’


Why not? It could be funny to try … :wink:

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But will it upgrade to the V4 Compute Module?

We can also welcome Behringer to the ARM synth community too! Behringer Polyeight Copies Korg Polysix & Ups Polyphony – Synthtopia

You do have to love Synth Manufacturer mentality meeting Open Platform mentality that results in 4 different synths (Polyeight, Wavestate, OpSix, ModWave) based on the same Open Platform that are not interoperable ;> Pokemon … collect them all :slight_smile: