Wiring encoders

I already have a display, soundcard RPI4, and have Zynthian working great, so I don’t need the kit
I would like to add the 4 encoders but I don’t know how they are wired to the RPI. Is there any wiring diagrams so I can connect the encoders and switches without modifying the software.

I’ve done a few encoder to Pi implementations and there is a fairly detailed thread here…

The configuration is performed within the zynthian webconf and there is a mapping ( documented in the thread I believe

) that implements the choice of pins, but having said it’s all possible, I would consider using an allinone card as it avoids the wiring hell of a ribbon connector and all the soldering and plugs and sockets you inevitably end up with to make construction and testing viable.

I’ve never yet done one with the S1-S4 switches implemented and since, in my world, those are fairly important interface devices I tend to shy away from the GPIO approach. It can be a bit of a beast to maintain and I have moved at least one pin that seemed to fall foul of some upstream use as Pi’s evolved.

It is quite staggering what one can stick in a raspberry Pi 60W amp case!

For true zynthian historians on the linked thread there is the first semi acknowledgement that the audio out’s are reversed . . .

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Thanks. That is useful, though I agree that GPIO solution is messy, and difficult to maintain. I prefer the Zynaptic module mux solution but it is sold out.
I assume there is no open source wiring information for the Zynaptic module.

It’s all in the git repository.

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And here’s where you’ll find the schematic for the Zynaptik module:

But you’ll need to install KiCad to read it.

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Thanks. Installed KiCad and have all the information I need now.
I can definitely build this . I ordered 23017 mux from Amazon for £7. Already have the rotary encoders. I’ll try to wire it up tomorrow and upload a photo.

Ouch !! That was the price for ten of them a couple of years ago :roll_eyes:

At that price I would be tempted to use the STM32 solution!

Thanks for all the help. My Zynthian is now working great. The only things I needed to buy was a Waveshare 5" display and the 23017 mux. I already have have the RPI, encoder switches and a behringer usb sound card.
The mux came pre soldered on a pcb with connection strip pins that needed to be soldered to the board. I wired it all up using wirewrap wire.( I still have the wirewrap tool from when I was a computer engineer in the 70’s) all worked first time.
I know the basic kit with the Zynaptic module is a neater solution, but it’s not available at this time. also I don’t think I currently need the extra functionality it offers.