World's Largest Pedal Board, Can Mod UI match it?

Perhaps in the future, a 64 core Ras Pi model X could recreate it…

This Youtube guitar guy was able to get several pedal manufacturer reps and others to help wire up 319 Pedals into a Guiness Book record number of pedals used in a single performance, with the assist of 7 guys pushing pedal buttons.

Aside from the silliness, some might be interested in comparing the artifacts of real cascaded pedals, compared to the simulation plugins.

Tests start at 15:00, they quickly discover that the noise floor of 319 Pedals operating at once completely obscures the input signal. (Where I heard that sort of sound before)

The “Gig” starts at 23:00 (just after a guy from Rush tries it out)

On a second day, he spends some time seeing how many pedals can be used without completely swamping out the guitar, they were able to get a signal out of 23 cascaded Delays {eventually} , fewer overdrives are required to loose all but very high single notes. (the 8 string guitar looks like a handful)

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