YouTube Video(s) - How to replicate commercial products, such as Teenage Engineering OP-1, AKAI MPC Key 37 etc. for free or Low Cost

How to replicate Teenage Engineering OP-1 and OP-1 Field for free. | GAS Therapy #35

This video is largely from the point of view of replicating OP-1 functions on an old Macbook Pro with ‘free’ software. It would be fun to do it from the Zynthian point of view, perhaps with a midi control surface or an LMN-3 style keyboard.



I renamed the topic to make it more general so I could add this newer video re the AKAI MPC Key 37 and how to make similar functionality using available free tools. Once again he is mostly talking about doing this on a Mac or PC, but a lot of the ideas apply to Zynthian or really any general purpose music tool like Bella, etc.

I didn’t even notice that he has a lot of other videos along the same lines when I first found the OP-1 video, if you find this interesting-useful take a look!

I recall there’s a thread in here where someone was working on a Moog Interface with zynthian inside - not sure what engines they were using, but I’ve also thought about doing this sort of thing. Nothing a tweaker likes more than one knob-one function.

The “Moog” emulator in Zynthian isn’t actually that good! It’s called Raffo. I came to Zynthian from my efforts to build a hardware controlled digital synth that emulated a Mini Moog-like analogue synth. I haven’t gone back there to provide this within Zynthian but my work on riban modular may provide such a thing.