ZynFace: CV/Gate + ThereMIDI

Hi @zynthianers!

I would like introduce the new funny toy i’ve been working on … jejeje!

First, a quick & dirty video with the current prototype, that is almost finished and ready for production:

Yes, the tablecloth is a gift from @C0d3man … i know you know that :grin:

As you can see, i’m controlling the zynthian with a SQ1 (analog sequencer) using exclusively CV/Gate signals. Amaaaaazing!!! These are very good news for modular/eurorack lovers, among others, jejeje!!

The ZynFace gives easy and convenient access to all the extended zynaptik functionality using pin sockets (electronic lab style) and mini-jack connectors (modular style):

  • 16 x digital IO ports (4 as minijack Gate-IN, 4 as minijack Gate-Out)
  • 4 x analog inputs
  • 4 x analog outputs



Also, you may have noted that there is 2 TOF sensors (Time Of Flight, aka laser distance sensors) on the right side. They are totally configurable from webconf and can be assigned to MIDI CC, Pitch Bending or Channel Pressure messages, what allows to bind them to any parameter on the UI. Funny, right?

These sensors are connected directly to the I2C bus, so they don’t use any of the available analog/digital ports.

FYI, I hope to offer a “ZynFace Kit” on the shop very soon, including the PCB and all the needed parts. Of course, the PCB design will be freely available for those of you that prefer the hard way :cowboy_hat_face:



Wow! Nice additional features, well done.

This looks great! :+1:


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Yessss!it’s a 2-axis dbeam. Or a thereMIDI…

I enjoyed a lot assigning arppeggiator/chorder parameters

Enjoy! :crazy_face:

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Or a Theremin!

Our new connector standard !!


When do we see an output and how do we select it in the GUI …??? :crazy_face: :rofl:

Do we need to demonstrate the fruits of the various Status display discussions …?

Perhaps our base configuration would be a straight in straight out as the basic functionality? A LED that tracked the output CV & Digital out would be conceptually very useful. By carefully extending that idea you could implement toggles for S1-S4 patch selection for instance.

How will the Digital I/O inputs tie in with S1-S4 are they all to be viewed as banks of switches ( which would allow us to define controllers that could be usefully employed in the snapshot world)? or as a separate control mechanism… ?

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A look into the wiki’s documentation will give you an idea of how all this stuff is configured:


All the described options are currently available on webconf so everybody can take a deeper look and help me to improve the documentation :innocent:



This is amazing. Great work @jofemodo

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@jofemodo that’s what we talked about some month ago…

and you made it.
that’s tough and astounding.
can a beta bord be bought? :crazy_face:

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