ZynStep Jams

Here you go! All powered by ZynStep!


Snapshots will follow. Enjoy!


Thanks @Jtunes. Do you have any feedback on the sequencer workflows? Anything difficult or awkward to achieve?

Notes on the ZynStep

  • Due to lack of multi-touch functionality, the only way to kick off a jam with more than one pad is by MIDI-mapping.
  • Sometimes I’ll want to start multiple pads in the next bar. At fast tempos, toggling all the correct pads gets panicky. It would be nice to trigger multiple pads with a single button.
  • Pad feedback for external controllers would be a big help in performance, if it were possible.
  • Pad naming is the bomb. I need that touchscreen keyboard for naming snapshots.
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Is already implemented.

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You can create multiple track sequences which would start and stop simultaneously. This isn’t quite the same thing as you need to plan how you would combine patterns in advance rather than just kick them off spontaneously but it does offer some level of solution. I have considered the ability to trigger salvos of sequences but am not sure how you might perform this within the UI. I decided that the multitrack sequences provided most of the functionality. If you can think of a way this might be implemented, add a feature request describing the requirement and some suggestions for implementation / workflow.

My approach to this is to sacrifice one pad as a timing sequence. It can act as a count in with or without content, i.e. start the timing sequence then prime the other sequences that you want to start on the next bar. The timing seqeunce could have a click beat for intro or be silent. It could be in the same group as another sequence so that it stops when the others start.

I am not sure how you are doing this but am intrigued. Do you mean starting patterns with trigger notes? I guess one could use my recently added multichord plugin to trigger multiple sequences starts from one note but it feels a bit convoluted!

Recent work to rationalise the keyboard code should enable the ability to use it more widely. Feature requests are the way to encourage this :smile:.

Thanks for the feedback. I am concerned that the positive words that I hear about the sequencer may not translate into actual use or that people struggle to use it due to niggles that may be easily (or not) resolved.

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Nice tracks @Jtunes! I added the 4 to the zynthian wiki’s sound demos.

Don’t forget to share the snapshots :wink:

Thanks for sharing!



004-CityInTheRain.zss (74.3 KB)
003-Exeunt.zss (81.1 KB)
002-FieryRedSunset.zss (59.0 KB)
005-Zynthwave.zss (57.7 KB)