ZynStep is released!

Dear @zynthianers!

Finally, after a huge journey of about 1 year of duration, leaded by our beloved Mr @riban , the step sequencer, the ZynStep, is merged on master and everybody can enjoy it on its greatness and fullness !!!

Simply update and start the fun!!

And please send lots of :face_with_monocle: and snapshots!!!

You can read the fantastic documentation that Mr. @riban has prepared on the wiki:

Zynthian UI Users Guide - V1/V4 - ZynthianWiki


ZynSeq Users Guide - ZynthianWiki

Thanks again, @riban, for making zynthian better and bigger!! To the moooon!!! :grin:

And now, @riban, please, it’s your turn…






That looks great!
I hope to have some time this weekend to play around with this new toy.



@riban - this is huge !!! Lost in exploration of new possibilities already ! :pray:


Great work, but I need help. I have set up two layers using midi channel 1 and 2. In the sequencer I can see both the instruments, I have setup a simple sequence of notes on A1 and B5, but I alway get the same instrument played on both pads. I have looked at the arranger and this looks ok. If I go back to the layers and select 1# then that is played, if I then select 2# then that instrument is played. What am I missing?

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@maniccyberdog Go to the Admin menu and make sure you are in Multi-timbral Mode:


Thanks, that was it!

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:partying_face: Congrats @riban! :partying_face:



Congratulations @jofemodo @riban and everyone else who was involved!

Thank you for all your hard work!


Bravo! I love the Zynthian and I’m so glad to see it gets even better. Thanks for the hard work.


Thanks for your big work. I love it to explore new Zynthian features!!!

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I am truely humbled by the appreciation shown by you all. This was a labour of love and I am really quite pleased with the result. Like all such things there are areas I would like to improve but in general this has turned out quite nice. Thanks to everyone who helped along the way.

Please now use the master branch as I will continue to use feature/stepseq branch for development and it may break without warning. As I complete sprints of work and validate they work as expected I will submit pull requests for @jofemodo to merge into master.

Please start reporting issues and feature requests in GitHub. I will add my outstanding issues to GitHub so that you can see the known flaws and planned features. I have spent some time today reviewing the wiki (with a few fixes) and noting where reality deviates from the written word. If you find the wiki inaccurate may I ask you to report it so that I can check whether the issue is in documentation or implementation. Please do keep saying what you like and what you don’t and give suggestions for improvement. Knowing what is working well and how people use it helps to avoid features changing in ways that may break good workflows.

I may find time to make music… maybe!


Again a great thank you. You did a fine work!

Small question, I try to play a pattern and set the notes via USB Keyboard. ZynStep only recognized the correct NoteValue, but not the Noteduration (it keeps at 1/4th while the cursor shows more) and also the playhead does not move to the next step.
What am I doing wrong?

Hi @Micki

The wiki describes the expected behaviour but unfortunately it doesn’t actually work like that yet. Currently external input adds notes with duration of one step. It should advance after each input.

I fixed this today in development branch to implement behaviour described in the wiki. I want to implement a few other things before I submit a pull request so this might not be available for a week or so. You can still use the development branch to test this functionality but I may break things.

ok, thanx :hugs:

Now that ZynStep (I’ve only just noticed the name change from ZynSeq!) has been merged into master, will there be a new stable image released?

I know the current stable can be updated, but this is quite a milestone. A new stable image would help ensure new users have the best Zynthian experience possible.

I think we should be looking for a stable release but that is a decision for @jofemodo . Regarding the name, it started life as ZynStep and became ZynSeq in my code which is what I have continued to call it (see wiki). ZynSeq feels like a more descriptive name, especially if we shift away from step sequencer scheme but maybe ZynStep is a nicer name - easier to pronounce and with a rhythmic sound, like dubstep! I will happily change the wiki to reflect this if ZynStep is preferred.

i’m using zynthian without knobs. I use Novation Impulse to control Zynthian via note commands on channel 16.
In Zynthian user Guide is declared, that we can use the up/down command from the Select menue.

It would be wonderful to have a new pair of commands for left/right movement.

I know, that i can use alternatively the touchscreen. but it’s not propper enaugh. It produces too much faults.