Zynth club. .. There's just one rule in Zynth club


I asked the ai to draw “zynthian” and this is what it produced


Can’t believe you guys. I provide gatefold 12" vinyl nft hipster art and none of you have contributed to the zynthclub album.

I also asked ai for “Zynth club band without me.” And frankly, I am upset that you would do this to me.

Yeah! That was a great night :smile: :man_dancing: :guitar: :drum: :musical_keyboard:


The whole evening sounded like eurorack but we didn’t even have to buy faceplates.

The sun rose in the Antipodeans, set over the Europeans and settled high above the Americans we entered the club house with anticipation of an exciting evening of discourse but with the memory of previous failed attempts…

  • What is the use of Euclidean Rhythms and Turing Machines in music?
  • No, really, what is their use?
  • Just to prove that they were of little use we installed and ran a Pure Data engine and heard its useless output plinking and plonking…
  • At the behest of our absent yet omni-present leader, we took a look at the newly added (to staging 2210) OS-251 synth which purports to be a “JUNO” style digital subtractive synthesizer. It worked and sounded okay but all the issues we observed last year persist*
  • Can we have Zynthian On Demand (the glorious ZOD) or Zynthian as a Service (make it ZaaSy baby)? Maybe.
  • We controlled a Zynthian from a webpage which was actually pretty cool with audio level meters bouncing and all that jazz.
  • The album cover was created
  • Some cider went down poorly in Wales
  • Some synths are available in a range of colours - Any customer can have a Zynthian painted any colour that he wants, so long as it is black.

*Since club night some issue have been resolved in the Zynthian, not up-stream.

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I’ve just been playing with this…

Apropos can any one get qmidinet to function on recent commits in staging-2210 or is it just another MIDI log wyleu only construction?

It works for me, but there is a important change. You must enable qmidinet output from webconf’s MIDI options. Network output is not enabled by default. Input should work out the box.

D’oh … Route MIDI to output on source device, which is the pedalboard running the engines but not using any audio out ( RBP Heaphones in webconf cos Dummy no longer seems to allow an audioless start up) just sending out MIDI over qmidinet to a seperate render Zynth…

cos one can !!

Ok I can see qmidinet on the network but I’m out of ideas why it isn’t working.
I can see it on the midi log, I can see a channel six on the GUI, I can see the M flashing on the GUI, it all looks fie in patchage, it’s in Multi channel mode …

What might I have forgotten?

Did you check this?

Ok now. working on new updated image…

Monday 8:00…?

Bring a raven, and no soup.

Bit early for me. I can do Monday 20:00

Shall we make it 19:00 UTC to avoid it getting too late in Europe?

Well it took place with a new face!

The obligatory demands for first single bought were examined, and discovered to exist in three different decades, and a suitable offering made to the Music thread.

much mocking of the individual who revealed that his attempts to buy 10cc’s latest offering, were misinterpreted and he was given a telephone number instead.

This does, in retrospect explain much but unfortunately not the cat…

and look whats working now, with VNC server turned off…

All praise to the Postman!


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Scrapped Music is the Best YouTube URLs into roughly 50 song playlists (YouTube limit). In rough order of posting. About 175 song out of 280 posts as of 16/11/2022.

Music is the Best - Part 1
Music is the Best - Part 2
Music is the Best - Part 3
Music is the Best - Part 4

Took a few go’s but working now. The playlists are public + permanently saved. Checked the URLs worked by using a browser I was not logged into YouTube on … so they work for me and should work for others.


@pac_71 : Wouah, amazing

Thank you very much and keep on like this :+1: :wink: they are a bunch of jewels in these playlists

item 2 in the first list is probably superfluous…