Zynthbox, a new project based on Zynthian

Hi harrytuttle,
Currently I dont have touchscreen, so I use a regular hdmi computer monitor (1080p) attached to RPi 4B (2GB), USB computer keyboard, Novation Launchkey mini mk3.
Zynthbox looks great, promises a lot, though feels a bit sluggish at moments, but I guess the experience is more suited to Zynthians with touchscreens.

Yes, alpha version is super rough, but beta will be optimized and overall more polished. With beta release, we will also look into our final form for then upcoming RC/1.0, as we plan for a certain, zynthian like formfactor rather than fullscreen. But of course it should still work with big screens and mouse too, just optimizing mouse+key is bit different than smaller screen+touch+encoders :slight_smile:

The main navigating problems I have:

  1. VNC doesnt work, neither using zynthian config page nor using VNC software. Cant check VNC option inside Zynthbox - does nothing.
  2. USB keyboard behaves erratical: good on most pages, so-so on main page, unusable on module installation page - I cannot move the selector down because it keeps jumping up.
  3. mouse kinda works, the gui reacts to clicks but cant see the pointer even though I checked “enable cursor”

Looking forward to the release of the beta version. I agree with most of what is written here. You are doing a great job harrytuttle and everyone else who is working on it. Keep on going! At the moment i am using a rpi4 with 4Gb and an HDMI touchscreen of 1024x600 with power and touch over usb.

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released another alpha version before the beta, here is announcement:

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