Zynthian at Maker Faire Berlin: 30.9.-2.10.2016

Hi all!

I am glad to announce that the Zynthian project is accepted for Maker Faire Berlin from 30th of September to 2nd of October (Friday to Sunday):

We are also requested to play a session with Zynthian-Synths and perhaps other musicians…

We would be very glad if some of you have time to come to Berlin and visit us at Maker Faire!

Regards, Holger

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Great!! It’s a pity but I’m a bit far from Berlin. Enjoy the event!!

Althought it will be difficult for me, i will try to go. For sure! :wink:

Testing gear for Maker Faire:

Raspi withHifiberry and MOD-UI Image

Disco-Zynthian (19" with LEDs controlled via MIDI), Headphone-Amp and Mixer

Normal Zynthian


Yeahhh! Good installation! You will have fun :sunglasses:
P.D: Somebody in this forum don’t have the LPK-25 mini-keyboard? :grin:
P.D.2: The “normal” Zynthian seems soooo little when is near your disco-zynthian … :cry::confounded:

Wow!! What a nice gear!!

I’m still in the beginning of my musical career. I’m currently trying to make something better than just noise:confused: I only own my old M-Audio midi keyboard and my new Zbox. Anyway I’m enjoying a lot (I think my wife doesn’t think the same),

@C0d3man For sure you’ll have a big succes presenting Zynthian and other stuffs around it. Enjoy.

Regards, Jose


Haha - everywhere the same problems :slight_smile:

I have much equipment stacked over the years of trying to make different kind of music. So the cases and the mixer/amp was already in my laboratory. Some parts (small boxes, Mini-Amp, one keyboard) are borrowed from a friend. We have to carry everything home at the end of the day :unamused: - so everythin must fit in cases.

We hope to find much new Zynthian users! I am not a twitterer, so I must see how I can send photos and videos in time.
Regards, Holger

Great setup! and Maker Fair is always one of the most importan situations to demonstrate open source synths/instruments! Congrats Holger!!!:+1:
Now… one of the next destinations for Zynthian (and Zynthianers) can be the next Torino Synth Meeting (the most important synths meeting in Italy, it will be in May 2017)!!:ok_hand:

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Hi Holger!

I have seen some photos from MF the in the Zynthian Twitter! It looks like you were really busy in the Zynthian stand!! :yum: What a lot of people!!


I hope you are enjoying de Faire!! I would love to be there … :cry: Next time!!

I will waiting for your news …

It is absolutly famous! We have very much talks. No minute to look around - puh!

More the next days.


Saturday Maker Faire ends. Wow - WHAT A FEEDBACK!!! The day was hard but it was really nice to talk to so much people who are interested in Zynthian.

So now we are looking robot football next to us (where is our beer?). Tomorrow is the last day…

Bye, Holger


Zynthian Family!! :heart_eyes:

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Ok guys: that’s soooooo crazy:

We got the “Maker of merit” trophy from the Maker-Faire org!!!

@jofemodo: That is your trophy - many thanks for this project! Maker-Faire-Berlin now ends. We are all very exhausted but is was really nice to be here.

Now we all need to relax!

Regards, Holger, Lars and Jonas

P.S.: Only 10 projects are getting this trophy… there were more than 50… nearly 100!


REALLY GREAAAAT!! I’m soooooo happy!! :blush:

This trophy is the Zynthian’s community trophy!! And of course, you have great merit on getting it, Holger, Lars and Jonas. You have been fighting in the Maker Faire, and i know it’s hard, althought very funny too!

Zynthian’s is not only my effort, you know this. You and many other people are contributing to make Zynthian a good project! Thank you very much to all the Zynthian’s Community!! We are few, but with strong beat!! :wink:



Congratulations Zynthian’s Community!!!:clap: :clap: :clap:

Special thanks to Holger, Lars and Jonas! :blush:

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Hi Holger!
Can you tell something more about the second trophy?

Hi Fernando,

I think I have to relativate our trophy a little bit: the host of the german Maker Faire is the (german) Make Magazine. Some of their editors can spread the trophies to projects. In fact there maybe more than 10 trophies around, but we got two of them :smile:.

Our exhibition booth was nearly all the time visited by interested people. Today I have some problems with my voice from speaking so much. I don’t know exactly but there were thousands of visitors.

More at afternoon. I hope Jonas can cut the videos and pictures and we can upload impressions on youtube today.

Currently I have to disassemble my racks and cleanup everything.

More later! Regards, Holger

OK! Understand. 2 of 10 is really “supercalifragilistico”!! :wink:
Anyway, the most important is that people was interested in the project, this is what really matters!! Nice! Good job! I can’t wait to see the videos …


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Congratulations @C0d3man & friends for the success. Also congratulations to @jofemodo as the initiator and captain of Zynthian project.

Regards, Jose.

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