Zynthian Boxes in the World


Hello, probably my box is the one at:
10095 Grugliasco, Metropolitan City of Turin (this is my workplace and it has been delivered here)

but it should be here:



Now you are in the correct place :wink:


Karviná, Czech Republic please! :blush:


Any chance of a sound sample?


Yes, yes, i will. Especially for you :slight_smile:


You see? :shark:

That is how one doesn’t get crossed of my completely fictitious Xmas card list . . . . :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:


Here is! And my lawyer told me I got the right to be on the map right now!


Excellent!! consider yourself anointed!

Launch the map do-er!!


Your map do-er does not work :frowning:


Sack the map do-er!..


What about map do-er? Vacation? :wink:


Hello! I either have a neighbour in Newcastle with Zynthian, or I’m already in the map!

Anyway, I made a short demo of my Zynthian box, with some sound coming out of it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcbG0V5ezaM . Does this count as evidence? :slight_smile:

Hope you don’t mind my linking to the webpage / forum on my video - do let me know if I wrote/said something I shouldn’t, and I’ll fix it!


Consider yourself evidenced!! and welcome!

Course to a Brit like myself Newcastle can mean:

  1. Newcastle On Tyne, which isn’t near me.
  2. Newcastle under Lyme which is near me.

I have, occasionally, heard rumour of other Newcastle’s but quite where they might be I haven’t a clue. :smiley:



It’s the one by the Tyne, but they call it “upon” Tyne :slight_smile:
Thank you!


I hang my head in shame, and will go and put my coat on!

Been there to watch Romania play Bulgaria in the 96 Euro’s and did some videoing of an orchestra in the Concert Hall thingy on the South Bank …
Very nice evening in the pubs on a Friday night as well!


Don’t worry - I’m Portuguese, so on my book you are entitled to call it whatever you feel right :wink:


I’m far more intrigued by Portuguese Geordie !!


Trust me, this accent did make me question whether I had landed in the right country!!


No way … :frowning: It does not work.


Hello guys and girls. One more here in Três Rios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Here is a junction of 2 layers that i chosen, one being a flute and another that i think is a japanese instrument:

And more details in