Zynthian Boxes in the World


Here is a google map with the Zynthian Boxes in the world:

If Zynthian Box is missing and want to be there, please ask here :wink:

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Success Cases

Add mine in Villar Perosa (TO) and also the one of Marco Lastri (place???)


Hi @videobelu!

Is your ZBox in Perosa Argentina? I think it’s already in the map.
Susanna just added the Marco Lastri’s box in Firenze :wink:



Hi Fernando

My box is in Villar Perosa , the Riccardo box is in Perosa Argentina.



Hi Fabrizzio,

I add both Perosa locations. I think that all Italian Zynthian Team are in the map :blush:

Zynthian around the world


Hi Vande perfect…thank you very much!!!


Thank you Vande, great idea!!!


Add Oosterhout NB, Netherlands :slight_smile:


Hi Keeze101, Done! :relaxed:


There is a Zynthian user in Rennes (FR) ?? Yeah man ! Very cool project !


Hi, you can add a Zynthian Box (in a special case) in Bremen , Germany.

Best Regards


Hi @StoneTMoN,

Done it! Bremen is in the map. Please, can you upload a photo in Success Cases? We would love to see your special case :wink: Thanks!


Hey… there is one to add. At the moment is still at my home, but its final location will be Robassomero (Turin) so let’s put it there :slight_smile:


a new zynthian Box to come in Bordeaux, France :slight_smile:


Brazil - Santa Catarina - Florianópolis :relaxed:


I just finished my first box in Mainz, Germany.



Wellington, New Zealand :grin:


Your Zynthian is marked! :wink:



Rennes, France :slight_smile: