Zynthian Boxes in the World


I hang my head in shame, and will go and put my coat on!

Been there to watch Romania play Bulgaria in the 96 Euro’s and did some videoing of an orchestra in the Concert Hall thingy on the South Bank …
Very nice evening in the pubs on a Friday night as well!

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Don’t worry - I’m Portuguese, so on my book you are entitled to call it whatever you feel right :wink:


I’m far more intrigued by Portuguese Geordie !!


Trust me, this accent did make me question whether I had landed in the right country!!

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No way … :frowning: It does not work.


Hello guys and girls. One more here in Três Rios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Here is a junction of 2 layers that i chosen, one being a flute and another that i think is a japanese instrument:

And more details in


Hi Kiron!

So sorry I was in another world :sweat:, you are in the map!:relaxed:



Can you add one in Abingdon, UK, just south of Oxford?

I wish I could represent for Wales but I don’t live there anymore :frowning:

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I can get to Chester quite quickly and apparently you can see Wales from there, does that count?

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Well, they have a clock which doesn’t have a face pointing in Wales’ direction, because they didn’t want the peasants to be able to tell the time!

You’re in the right area though, Snowdonia’s my true home, and always will be!


_Narrows eyes just a bit …

Have we seen the sound contribution yet . . … .?


Hahaha, I’ve seen your posts, I knew that was coming at some point…

I only last night managed to put together a ribbon cable and get the innards sorted to a degree that I’m happy with… I’ll see what I can do for a little demo later tonight :slight_smile:

Don’t expect to be blown away by musical talent!

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Excellent! It’s certainly becoming a rite of passage!! and congratulations on the build!


Done it! :relaxed:


Austin, Texas, USA y’all! :slight_smile:


Welcome on board! :wink:

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Hi guys!
Ukraine, Mykolaiv - there is one here.
Great synthesizer, my dreams come true.
Thanks to all developers, you are wonderful!


Welcome aboard!

We will, of course, be requiring pictures and sound samples to ensure this is a legitimate zynthian !! :smiley:


Sorry, I was a little busy with daily activities. Here is a photo of my box.

The cut was crooked, in a hurry.
I have problems with audio recording. In the case of recording on a SDcard, audio recording is interrupted very soon - 10-15 seconds. When writing to a USB flash drive, it turns out with interruptions and clicks. Please tell me what could be the problem?

Updates are installed. I burned SDCard image several times.
Perhaps the problem is in sound card? I use X920 bought on aliexpress.


This is a known issue and i’m working for addressing the problem ASAP.
Of course, any help will be really appreciated, specially analyzing the audio recording for determining the characteristics of the noise …