Zynthian Boxes in the World


Hi @ivanmonterosso!

It seems like a problem with the touch interface. Probably it’s bad aligned and the display frame is pressed with the case. Have you installed the plastic separators? Anyway, you should try to realign the display carefully, and not putting too much pressure in the bolts.

Please, open a new topic copying your comment and i would copy this answer :wink:



mine is in berlin friedrichshain! Although not in a Box yet ^^



No far away from mine Zynthian :wink:

Do we have talked at MakerFaire?

Regards, Holger


neinnn, unfortunately not! During MakerFaire I was just in the very start of getting interested in zynthian and figuring out several other synth options like axoloti, bela, organelle, mobmuplat… , because I was searching for an affordable synth with sampling functions especially for live use. And now I got this zynthian with that massive amount of sounds and further seemingly endless sound options :smiley:


Hi Fernando… My box is in Villar Perosa, Riccardo is in Perosa
Argentina… Perosa Argentina is also my spedition address but my home is
in Villar Perosa


Add me please. New box in Renazzo - Italy.
the small birthplace of the great Ferruccio, the father of Lamborgian cars.

:sunglasses: :love_you_gesture:


Feel free to add me as well, in Toronto, Canada.


Please add me to the list. I’m in Independence, Missouri, USA.


One Zyntian in Madrid, Spain.


One more to add in Habach, Germany.


Hi @Zynthianers!

Susanna @vande just updated the map! :wink:



Linares (Jaén) Spain


I am not only shocked by the fact that I am the only one in Japan but I am the only one in Northeast Asia!


So it may be your job to carry the Zynthian message of open sound soft- and hardware to your area :grin:


New box in Smart Open Lab. Cáceres. Spain. Thank you!


Hi @Zynthianers!

I just updated the map! :wink:



Add the mine please, its unfinished but already I own the most part of the parts

missing parts
-Hifi berry (it will be gived to me the tuesday of next week)
-MCP23017 GPIO

Mexico City, Mexico

por cierto podemos añadir una seccion en el foro para hispanohablantes?, especialmente por la dificultad para conseguir en tiendas fisicas algunas piezas, incluso podria desarrollar una seccion de tutoriales en español de construccion y cosas asi (especialmente para paises que quisieran construir su zynthian pero pór el tipo de zona donde residen les es imposible conseguir las piezas ej Mexico y Venezuela)


Two (or 1.5!) Zynthians here in Bungay, Suffolk, UK :slight_smile:


OK guys! The map is updated!! :wink:


Since I am the new happy owner of the Zynthian V2 of GUEIMS
the box is not in Barcelone, but in Laval in France :slight_smile: