Zynthian Boxes in the World


The map is updated! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Could you upload us a sound file from it to here as confirmation? ( just a note from your favourite preset if you like :-D).

The new audio record (admin|Start Audio Recording) makes this easy using the web Interface (zynthian.local | Library Capture ) to upload the file :smiley:

Course if you want to go for it note/sound wise then go for it !!!


My box is in Berlin Friedrichshain!


Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Hey Friends, Now I have all the parts collected
-Raspberry 3B (Getted)
-Hifi berry DAC+ (buyed)
-4 Encoders (collected)
-Resistances, Diodes, Leds, Midi Jacks, capacitors, connectors (everything is owned)
-Some Touchscreen LCD (buyed)
-MCP23017 GPIO (even this I own it)

Mexico City, Mexico

So now the big trouble Is that I am still stucked with the PCB elaboration of the All-in-one module, can Anyone Help me sharing me a good and cheap method?


Hi @Mike77154!

The AllInOne is a double side PCB with several β€œvias”. I never tried to build by hand and i don’t think is an easy task.

I would recommend to use the schematic for building your own custom PCB. Also, i can send you a little package with the PCBs :wink:

Kind Regards,