Zynthian Drum Machine


Dear All,
I am really keen to try out a zynthian and wonder if you can help:
The main project I have in mind is an electric drum kit. I know how to build the kit, add triggers and I have something like the Ddrum DDTi in mind to fix sensitivity issues and to convert all the analogue inputs to midi. I guess my question is, can the zynthian take midi in and use it to play drum samples.
The high end drum modules allow user samples but they are serious money. I also don’t need loads of different sounds but would like them to be original. I also like the idea of one device that could double up as a synth.
I play in a two piece with loopers and stuff. We want to add to our sound options without having laptops onstage. Is the zynthian capable of reliable drums?


I would suggest you look at this thread …

Personally I have the Alesis Triggerio

(and goodness ain’t they similar … :smiley: )



which I’ve used not strapped to a drum kit yet but have triggered from 6 metronomes (Don’t ask, it didn’t really work but that not the Alesis’s fault), and that gives you the kind of Pre interface dynamics control ( think MIDI pre-amp) that as you say, you need in this kind of area.

The Led Zep drums are played from a zynth but the midi file is played by Audacity via the Zynthian qmidinet adapter.

It’s the RedZeppelin Drum set . . .