Zynthian Harp. I promised it to wyleu!

This is a work in progress. I promised to give somemore information about it.
Here’s a short video (better than words !) :
zynthian Harp

Have a good day !



…and that is how it should be done… !! :heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So many questions, but just undying admiration. I know how these things form in your mind and the realisation teaches so much!!


Thank you !
And, as you know, it always begin with simple thougth like : "why the f***k do I have to tune my daugther’s harp everyday ?!!! " and, my favourite : " Do I really have to buy a 8000 bucks concert harp next year ? " :grin:

Zynthian, sage, rosemary and thyme…

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The original post…

Stll only five audios? and how long to plug all those usbs?

Yes, five arduinos ( 9 strings for 4 arduino, 8 strings for the last one) : 44 strings. I was about to buy the pianoteq licence but the lower last 3 strings doesn’t work (because they are lower than a standard keyboard can play). That’s weird because they sell a “concert harp pack” and those notes are common on these instruments…
Anyway, I still have to plug usbs after zynthian boot. I still have some issues : 1 of the five arduinos usually don’t work. Most of the time i have to unplug/replug or reboot arduino but it’s fixed in a couple of seconds so no major problem here. I’ll investigate. Maybe one solution is ti fire arduinos one by one using a sofware timer. I’ll see.
To avoid plug in arduino each time, I plan to use some kind of power management to fire them up once zynthian is up.

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Really impressive!! Congratulations!! :medal_sports:

Thank you ! It sounds like an endless project to me but I’m glad to see the result.

Here is a link to a new video (using organ layer) :

And I’ll try to log/add details there :

For the Zynthian part the only place is here, of course ! :wink:

Have a nice day.


I’m deeply touched!!!

I will never fail to be amazed by the imagination of people. I’d love to hear it with celeste like bells!! :smiley:

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This is truly astonishing!

Great work!
I’m looking for real string solution too, but more for zither-like instrument.
How fast you can strum your harp without issues?

Ohhhh! Callypso harping!!! :heart_eyes:

@jofemodo :grin:
@chux . the strings are not meant to be strummed (because I need to debounce to prevent ghosts events). That said, I think that it’s possible to play that way using short cushioned strings. In your case it could work with rubber pads on the neckboard ?


It’s more a reagge, but i like the video … and i’m pretty sure that more than one @zynthianer knows the tiny keyboard featured in the few first seconds … :laughing:

Yes, I thought in that direction. I’ll try this with sensors soon.