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I only can say … try it! :wink:

I have not a PiTFT 3.5’ here, so i can check if it fit the holes, but looking at the specs, it seems that the difference is less than 1 mm. I you use slim bolts, you should have enough room to fit it. I can include 2 different bolt sets so you can choose what fits better. Probably the display window wont fit perfectly, but there is some margin, so could be OK.

Anyway, if finally you don’t like the result, you can buy a PiScreen. It’s a good display :wink:



Dear all,

many thanks for this nice community.

I want to order a Zynthian Basic Kit to Spain (University of Extremadura). Its a long time since I follow this project and I think we can contribute.

Best regards,


Hi Antonio!

Nice to meet you here!
Kit orders better by private message (click my avatar!) :wink:



I would like to order the Zynthian Basic Kit + Aluminum Case Kit. I already have a Raspberry Pi board – how do I go about ordering? --JJ in Florida, USA


Hi @jjflacc!

For ordering kits, better use private message. Just click my avatar :wink:



Hello, @jjflacc,

Please advise, I’d like one of the following kits sent to my address in Japan:

Zynthian Bundle All Alu-case Kit
Zynthian Basic Kit + Aluminum Case Kit

Pls give me the shipping cost so that I can decide which.


Tomoyuki Kumagai


Hi @TomKumag!

I’ve sent you a quote by private message :wink: