Zynthian + Mellotron = Fun

Hey everyone!
I was messing around on the Zynthian after downloading this mellotron gig file. I found it’s possible to easily sequence sound changes within the same midi channel using this engine if the preset allows for it. Now I need to find out how to make my own gig files because I have a Yamaha PSS-460 Synth I would like to share with you all. :slight_smile:
Anyway - here’s the demo, it’s pretty silly but also quite interesting.:crazy_face:

Here is the mellotron file I used TaijiguyGigaTron


FYI, you can install this GIG from the Webconf preset manager. Simply select “LinuxSampler” from the dropbox and search for “mellotron”. Like this:



I realized that after I downloaded it :man_facepalming: heheh but yea, that would have been easier