Zynthian sequencer

Greetings Zynthians,

As I understand there is work underway to develop a Zynthian sequencer using the Zynthian box as the UI. This has been going on for a few years with great progress.

I recently purchased a Novation Circuit device and was quite amazed at what you could do without a display and a bunch of buttons from a user interface perspective. That got me thinking…

Novation also has a number of controllers in the Launchpad/Launchkey series, some of them quite inexpensive like the Launpad mini ($99 Australian dollars). These devices not only provide input but also they provide a fair bit of feedback: lighting pads, different colours on pads, etc. Also Novation publish the programming specification for these devices on their website.

I think adding these devices to what could be done on screen would render quite a powerful sequencer capability. At that price point, it doesn’t even make sense to develop a homemade (arduino based or similar) midi controller device to add input/feedback functionality.

I was wondering if anyone else was interested in exploring this option.

Thank you for your time.


Similar ideas have been discussed… I’m also excited by this idea

And there is something in testing now.

That sounds interesting as well.

Maybe the solution would be to build some kind of abstraction layer to allow different devices with similar features to control the sequencer.

The appeal I see with the Novation is the functionality that it provides at a very low price point.