Zynthian touchscreen UI as MIDI controller for external hardware?

I would like to use the Zynthian touchscreen UI as a configurable MIDI controller for external hardware. Ideally I would like to be able to configure the MIDI CCs for the individual touch controllers and give the controllers meaningful labels (VCF cutoff etc.). In the end all this would be a layer that is just sending out MIDI messages with no synth or effects plugin behind it.
Can this be done with Zynthian and how ?

Take a look at this Custom UI ambitions, or maybe some day the controller grid page

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Short answer, no, not now.

Long answer:

Well, this is an idea that I’ve been playing around with for a bit and right now, after all that I’ve been able to advance on the definition, I’m waiting to see the development in other areas (particularly the api proposal) to decide what to do next.

This is a use case that i feel fits the device’s capabilities and I’d like to make happen and have on my zynthian, but we’ll see

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