Zynthian V5 Kit is available for sale!


Hi @zynthianers!

Good news! Finally, after a long wait, we have all the parts ready and we can start selling the new Zynthian V5 Kit to everybody.

For those of you interested in it, you can visit our shop at:

If you want to refresh your mind about the new Zynthian V5 Kit, you could read our last blog post at:


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Bye Bye V4, … Buy Buy V5!


I hope so! :grin:

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Wow, very nice, but I am a bit overwhelmed by the delivery options.

What exactly are the differences?
Is it only possible to get V5 by opening a sendcloud account or am I missing something.

And I am also confused about the credit card paying option. Are there any extra costs when paying with credit card?

I wanted to order one, but ATM this is a (shopping) show stopper for me.
Sorry for these noob questions… :thinking:

You simply try clicking the option best suits you. There is nothing strange in the shopping process, but we are not Amazon nor Thomann, so yes, payment has fees. Of course, we could increase the price and hide the fees, but we prefer to show the reality to our customers, so they can take informed decisions.



Hello @gitnob ; I’m going to try to answer your questions with a bit more specifics, please keep in mind that I’m a fellow Zynthianer not an ‘official’ representative of the Zynthian Company.

The “shipping method” choices you will be given depend on your location - some of them are obvious, like which shipper will be used, some are subtle, like for me in the US, I was given two UPS choices and there was a three dollar difference between them and no indication what the difference was. You could either guess or perhaps ask for more info from @jofemodo but you should probably show them the choices you were given.

You don’t need to open a sendcloud account - that’s between Zynthian (the company not the synth) and sendcloud. Essentially they’ve contracted them to handle shipping. Is there something about the ordering that makes you think you need to?

As @jofemodo said above, yes, the credit card company charges a fee, and Zynthian chooses to show it. If you use PayPal, and pay from your bank account and select that you’re sending money to a friend then there is no fee. You don’t get some PayPal ‘buyer protection’ if you do that, but we’re all friends, right?

That’s OK, don’t worry about it - The ordering process is a bit of a hurdle, but worth it!


Oh, sorry. I didn’t want to complain. The price is more than fair :wink:

It was not about the delivery costs options. I just don’t know the different options and what they mean for the delivery.

It was also about the sentence, that in the case of paypal (business) there will be extra costs (3,5%), and it was not clear whether there will be extra costs in credit card payment or not, because the sentence didn’t say this and the button is the same.

And before sending so much money, I wanted to be sure.

Sorry jofemodo, this was not my purpose.


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@tunagenes : thanks for more details on this. Ordered :wink: It’s all about 600 Euros incl. TAX, and for this wanted to be sure.

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Ups! Sorry @gitnob! It seems my “tone” was too “sharp”, but please, don’t think i was upset. It was simply some lack of sleeping and too many emails in my inbox :sweat_smile:

I hope you have clarified your doubts with the excellent answer from @tunagenes (thanks mate!). If you have any other doubt, please, don’t hesitate to ask and hopefully, i will be more relaxed.

The best,


Wow… that’s a nice design! Have you thought about setting up a store account with PayPal ?
I have the same purchase issue as gitnob. Have you though about selling through a vendor inside destination countries ?

Hi @Jerryn !

Where are you located? From most countries, you should see paypal as a payment method in the zynthian shop.

Regarding the second question, the answer is not, we don’t consider having resellers any time soon.

Best regards,

New England, USA I stopped at when an $87.00 taxes charge was in the shopping cart for taxes.

Could you try again? It 's strange … you shouldn’t be taxed when ordering from USA. Don’t need to pay, only try the order process, please. After selecting the country (USA), the taxes should be set to 0.


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Here’s what’s in my cart:

Proceed to checkout. When you enter your address, the taxes should be set to 0.

BTW, we are fixing the order process so the taxes don’t be shown until address is entered.


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I just purchased one on Monday and received it today - Thursday. I’m just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I purchased with credit card which is processed through Paypal. Since it is a foreign transaction it will show some taxes due to European VAT and such but you will not be charged and the total will change throughout the transaction. You will be able to confirm final total when it transfers to PayPal during the transaction. It is a bit deceiving.

Here’s my total paid in euros for V5 with Raspberry Pi - 470.00 euro + shipping 41.96 euro = 511.96 euro to USA.

Hope this helps.


I’m interested in ordering. I live in New Zealand and not sure what PSU model would be relevant. Can you please advise? Thank you, and congratulations on the new version!

Hi there,
I ordered mine last week and received it last friday :slight_smile:
Instructions are crystal clear and I managed to build it in 2 hours max. Everything is working fine. I had some difficulties with the UI but managed to understand most of it rapidely.
I upgrade Pianoteq to version 8 and registered via webconf

I have one strange issue, pedal noises in Pianoteq disapear after some time, I don’t know if the problem is related to Pianoteq or Zynthian (need ton investigate more).

Anyway, a big thank for all the people involved, it’s a very nice product !


Hi @MikeRodd a warm welcome in the ZynthianWorld.

Everyone here is happy to hear such a positive feedback.

They are two Zynthian Os: the stable Version (and the nearly up to date doc in the wiki), and Oram wich is on the edge. Use two different SD cards if you plan to test them both (my 2cnts).

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