Building my Zynthian & Interested in PureData integration


Hello to all Zynthian’s users and builders! I’m Ramsi and I’m from Italy. I love many things, especially those that mix together a bit of technology, art and mind!
I would like to thank you Fernando for his care about my order ( I’ve waited on everything month to get my kit ) and everything is gone well!
I’ve just received today my zytnhian kit and used 5 hours to build it up and power it on! :slight_smile:
I’m waiting to compile the image and use this amazing project.
I really love the infinite possibility of using and programming with pure data and I’m interested too in knowing if anyone have just made something with it already. I’m interested in his implementation :slight_smile:
So, I will follow the updates on this detailed community.
Here are the photos of my builded zynthian


Hello Ramsi i am happy to have another Italian Zyinthianer in the forum !!
The Zynthian Project is very interesting and Fernando is a great man!!!
Thank you for sharing yours photos!!

Have a nice stay here


Hi @Ramsi!

Welcome on board! I hope you had a good building session and that your Zynthian Box is running now :wink:

Please, if you are building your Zynthian image from scratch using the setup script, don’t forget to send some feedback to this topic:

Also remember that you can download the SD image “ready to run” from here:

Regarding your interest in PureData, i really want to integrate it in Zynthian. Currently it’s not a priority, but i could help you with the definition & coding. It’s not a difficult task and i think we could have a basic implementation in 1-2 days.

If you are really interested, we could open a “PureData Integration” topic in the Software section to discuss the details …

Kind Regards!


Sorry for the late answer! I’ve experienced some days of debugging because I’ve encountered a serious noob :slight_smile: problem that now is resolved, but this problem let me tried each building’s step in detail. I’ve tried all the image and way of building and compile the project: everything seems work now at software stage.
I had encountered a problem after building the hardware just a moment before closing the case as a final step of this amazing project.
The problem was with the encoders that brings me to spend 3 days to see what happened and why they worked in a strange way. This was that switch want not work properly sometimes and also the rotary function at random stage ( this let me to spend much headache to see if the problem was on the wiring connection, the soldering section or the software configuration).
I’ve encountered the conflict with the gpio leaving the buttons on the display and after discovered just resolved removing them as suggested in the guide :slight_smile:
So I discover that if you tighten the washer of the encoder to close it can also be a conflict for the switch function. I don’t know if this happens only to me and my hardware, but, trust me, when I discover that was only a fact of loosen a bit the washer and this brings me to the light. So, I hope that anyone can have the same problem.

Regarding the integration of PureData @jofemodo I success to made it work on my previous raspberry 2 b+ without many problems. It can be too on Zynthian.
I will work on this too next week!
It can be a dream driving some puredata’s patches using the encoders.

I will make a new topic about PureData and his implementation in my zynthian project if there is no one already.

Best regards.

p.s. @videobelu it is a pleasure too meeting others italian on this forum :wink:


hi guys also i’m italian, so i would like to buit it, any suggest about cheap dac and display ?
thanks Regards


I send you a private message :wink: